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DS: Silent Moon black JSK - SOLD -

Hello ladies!

Thanks for having a look!

A few informations before:

- I live in France
- I don't charge Paypal fees. Those are included in the prices (please, take it into account!).
- I accept Paypal and bank transfert within EU
- For shipping, please add 17 euros for Europe, and 21 euros for the rest of the world (this includes tracking & insurance): considering the price of the dress, I prefer this method. I will email you with the tracking number and a website where you can check your package all the way long to your home.^^
- In case of problems (rare thing, but you never know), I will help you as much as I can to find out your packet, and will harass the french postal services if needed, but I will only refund you if you purchased an insurance (cause it is the only way to be refund by the postal services, here).
- I have a cat, but normaly, he can't access the closet, because I take good care of my lolita items ^^. But beware if you are allergic.
- First person to leave her paypal win the item (and pay within 24h)
- my e-mail is, it is also my paypal adress. You can always join me here, in case!
- Feedback can be found here:

- Serious buyer only, please. You can make reasonnable offers if you are not convinced by the price!
- Difficult to do holds at that time, but please ask, and we will talk about it. We can also talk about a paiement plan.
- I'm not interested in trades at the moment, sorry.
- All of my pictures are in my flickr, so if you want a bigger view, you can clic the image and have a full size view of it! Practical if you want to have a good idea of the item.
- All my prices are determined using XE Curency Converter

vente 139

Beautiful Moi Meme Moitie piece, from the Silent moon collection. I bought the OP at first, and then trade it against the JSK with another girl from EGL: we traded our dress new. I wore it myself only twice, so it is in perfect condition.

Material is the calssic thick synthetic fabric from MMM, always perfectly clean even without ironing. Print is white, and make a beautiful contrast over black.

vente 142

Waist ties are sewn and are not removable, but they add to the silhouette of the dress. No shirring. Invisible zipper on the left side.

- Lenght: 95 cm
- Max Waist: 74 cm
- Max Bust: 90 cm

vente 143

I would like 230 € excluding shipping, or 306 USD.
Thank you
Tags: !ds, moi-meme-moitie
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