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DS: IW Lucky and Oddment Pack Items, OPs/JSKs as low as $65!

Terms of Sale (Please read!!!):
  • GL feedback is here:
  • I accept Paypal and am working on opening an Amazon Payment account for payments as well.  It should be available by this afternoon.  If you prefer to pay by amazon, let me know and I will hold the item for you until the account is ready.
  • Because these are oddment/lucky pack items, all items are sold as-is.  I have done my best to identify and detail any flaws in the items, but it is possible, however improbable, that I have missed something small.
  • I am willing to consider reasonable offers.
  • Payment plans are acceptable with a 20% non-refundable deposit.
  • For US Customers: Paypal/Amazon fees and tracked, 2 day shipping are included in the price.  Packages will be shipped the first Tuesday or Friday after payment clears.
  • I may be available for local pickup in the Orange County/San Diego, California areas.
  • For International Customers: Paypal/Amazon fees are included in the price, shipping is NOT included.  I require tracked shipping to international countries with no exceptions, so keep in mind that shipping will be very expensive.  For example, a 700g (1.5 lb) package shipped to France with tracking is approximately $35.  International packages will be shipped the first Friday after payment clears .
  • I am not responsible for the package after it is shipped.  By requiring tracking, I have done my best to ensure that your package will get to you.  If you would like to add insurance for additional cost, please let me know.
  • Allergy warning: I have two large (approximately 60 lb), short haired dogs. I keep all items boxed in a room that the dogs are not allowed in, but dog hair is like glitter and pops up even when you think you've gotten rid of it all.
  • Non-smoking.
  • I am open to trades or partial trades! I am tall and will not accept trades for OPs/JSKs shorter than 98 cm or skirts shorter than 60cm- in general, that means no AP/Btssb dresses for me.  I like classic and do not particularly care for an over abundance of pink.  I would LOVE to find a nice black or cream colored classic coat.
  • If you ask a question regarding an item, I will automatically put you in line for the item.  If there are other people in line for the item, you have one hour after I answer your question to respond whether you will buy the item or not before it goes to the next person in line.
  • Invoices must be paid within 24 hours unless otherwise decided upon.
To buy an item, please first comment on this post with the item you want, and then PM me your invoice address and EGL feedback. That way, people will know whether the item they are interested in has other interested parties ahead of them.  Thank you!

Proof Photo:
Triceratops Proof

IW Bouquet Doll OP- $120 SOLD
Black/Beige size Small

Flaw- One the right sleeve, the seam isn't sewn for about 1cm. It's barely noticeable and easily fixed. (see pictures)
Measurements per Lolilibrary:
Shoulder width: S 33 cm
Sleeve length: S 21.8 cm  (includes 3cm lace)
Removable sleeve: S 43.5  cm
Sleeve opening: S 28 cm
Skirt length: S 54 cm
Bust:  91 cm
Waist:  68cm
Length: 89.9 cm
It's not actually sewn crooked, I just can't dress my mannequin well, apparently.


Flawed area of sleeve, both the way it looks naturally and with the sleeve purposefully separated.

IW Cocotte JSK- $140
Brown, one size

Measurements from lolibrary:
Bust: 85-98 cm
Waist: 64-81.5 cm
Length: 92.5 cm (includes 3cm lace)
It came with this paper, which may point out a flaw, but if so, I couldn't see anything wrong.

IW Antique Buckle JSK- $160 
Black x Black, size short
Measurements from lolibrary:
Bust: 85-98
Waist: 64-82
Length: 93 cm

No Flaws


2X Emmelina JSK
Pink, One Size: $65 SOLD
Beige, One Size: $65 INVOICED
Measurements from lolibrary:
Bust: 85-98
Waist: 64-81.5
Length: 92.5 cm

No Flaws

Strawberry Jam High Waist JSK- $150
Navy, One Size
Measurements from lolibrary:
Waist: 70-86
Length: 92.5 cm

There were little orange stickers on the lace at the neckline, which I have included detailed pictures of, both with and without the stickers.  I did not see any flaws where the stickers were located.

Note: The following pictures were taken from my older sales post and are in a different room without the triceratops, but the dummy is still the same as the one.  If you have concerns, I can take a proof picture with my name in this room as well.

3X Innocent World Bruna striped OP
1x Beige x Brown, Size Medium- $65  ON HOLD
1x Beige x Brown, Size Medium- $65
1x Navy, Size Medium $65

Measurements from lolibrary:
Sleeve length:  20.5 cm
Sleeve opening:  25 cm (elastiscized, so can stretch a bit)
Bust: 90 cm
Waist: 72 cm
Length: 92 cm
 Apologies for the wrinkles on the Navy, it was somewhat crumpled up in the box when I got it.  Also, the brown skirt looks weird because I tried to put a too-puffy petticoat underneath it >.<
Proof of quantity.

Pico Lace Check JSK Pink, Short- $140
Measurements from lolibrary:
Waist: 64-81
Length: 92 cm

Note: I had originally intended to keep this dress, so I moved the buttons down on the straps to accommodate my height.  Unfortunately, the dress was still too short for my tastes.  The buttons may need to be moved back up. This picture, like the Bruna OP, is from an older sales post and was taken in a different room at a different time.

Innocent World Cream colored short sleeve Lucky Pack blouse - $60
I could not find a lolibrary link for this.
It is a one size blouse, and fits like an IW medium (~35" bust, 29" waist)


Annette Pullover Cutsew- $30 ON HOLD
Black, One size

Measurements from Lolibrary:
Shoulder width: 34 cm
Sleeve length: 18 cm
Sleeve opening: 12 cm (elasticised, so can fit larger than that)
Bust: 75 cm
Length: 43
This cutsew is stretchy.  It fit my 36" bust and 28" waist tightly but comfortably.  I would not exceed those measurements as the maximum.


Heidi JSK- $100
Pink x Beige, one size
Measurements from lolibrary:
84-65 cm
Waist: 67-86
Length: 93 cm

The bust measurement on lolibrary is incorrect.  I tried this on and it fit my 36" bust, albeit tightly.  I would recommend that as the absolute max.
The ribbon on the front is a little long so it  bunches slightly.  I have added a picture of this detail.

Amelia Coat- $150
Black and Gray, size Large
Measurements from lolibrary:
Shoulder Width: 35 cm
Sleeve length:  62 cm
Sleeve opening:  30 cm
Bust: 96 cm
Waist: 99 cm
Length: 114 cm

Heart Cross Sandals, White - $75
NOTE: Size on bottom is SS, BUT the shoes in the winter oddment lucky pack last year all fit
about one size up. I can't get my foot anywhere near this thing, so I
measured the bottom of the shoe, which came out to 23cm/9". Since they
have a heel, I'm thinking they probably fit more like a small, which is
23.5" cm. Please check your foot measurement as the US size seems to
vary with respect to actual measurements.


Velvet Ribbon Fur Boot Toppers- $35
Ivory x Beige, one size


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