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DS! VM inspired handmades Flower Haircombs + Heart padded earrings

Hello girls,

I sell here some haircombs I made, inspired by the Victorian Maiden ones

- My feedbacks
- Prices are in euros
- Shipping and paypal fees are not included.
- Some leaves may have some imperfections due to their fabrics but not noticiable when worn
  You can see it on the pictures

- I only take paypal
- Paypal fees must be paid by you!

- I ship from France
- Please ask for shipping cost to your country, saying if you want a tracking number or not.
- I will not be held responsible of any lost or damage

Feel free to ask questions!

Pearl Chain Classical Flower Haircombs: 15€ each

Availables colors:

- Dark red (with silver pearl chain
- 1 Black (with golden pearl chain)


Worn photo:

Classical Flower haircomb: 12€ each

Availables colors:

- 3 Dark red
- 1 brown
- 1 Black



I have an other dark red one but which was one of my first try. It is well done but I've have painted the flowers with dark red bomb, so the texture of the roses is less soft than the others. I'll let it go for 10€


Medium size classical flower haircombs: 8€ each

Note: The beige one has 3 leaves but I changed a bit the design for the others I made, they have 2 leaves (see the photo of the dark red one).

Availables colors:

- 3 Beige (one with 3 leaves and two with two leaves)
- 1 Dark red
- 1 Black
- 1 Brown
- 1 Baby Blue


Simple classical flower pin: 4€ each

Availables colors:

- 2 Black
- 1 Baby Blue


All colors availables:

  aby Blue         Black                 Beige               Brown              Dark Red
couleurs haircombs

Handmades Heart padded earrings: 2,5€ each pair

Availables colors:

- Red
- Light pink
- Violet
- Baby blue


Thanks for looking <3
Tags: !ds, candy violet, color:black, color:blue, color:brown, color:cream, color:pink, color:red, handmade, item:hair accessory, victorian maiden
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