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DS: blonde & pink 3-pieces wig, old school items (black & white), AP ribbon bag in dark pink


General Information ♥
• I don't smoke. I've a cat but I keep him away from my wardrobe.
• I'm not interested in trades at the moment, except where indicated.
• Priority goes to first buyer interested in the item but confirmation and payment
need to be sent within 3 days.

Payment & Shipping ♥
I ship from Italy with safe methods.
I'm not responsible for any packages once shipped but I'll provide the tracking code asap.
I use standard shipping with tracking code, shipping times are the following:
- 6 business days to Europe;
- 14 business days to North America and Oceania;
- 15-20 business days to Asia and South America.
If you want a faster shipping I can use EMS (2-5 business days) but it is pricey (starts from € 31)

Payment by PayPal only or bank transfer (within EU).
PayPal fees are already included in prices.

Feedback ♥
My feedback page here.

♥ AP Ribbon Bag ♥

I sell it for a friend who never used it. It's a rare color to find!

Condition: Perfect, brand new with tag.

Measures: 32x17x8cm

Price: € 62
Total shipped to Europe: € 85
Total shipped to USA and Asia: € 95
Total shipped to Australia: € 99

♥ Blonde & Pink Wig ♥

2-tone wig, heat resistant (max 200°). Pigtails are detachable thanks to inner hairgrips.
Beautiful and very soft, not ultra-shiny like common cheap wigs!
Bang is long (it covers the face) so you can cut it as you wish :)

Condition: Brand new, I never took out of the original box.

Price: € 35
Total shipped to Europe: € 51
Total shipped to USA and Asia: € 56
Total shipped to Australia: € 62

♥ DoL Waist Cincher ♥

Waist cincher in black cotton with plastic busks (flexible).
There is a strap opening next to the corsage (so it is not recommended having more centimeters than the flat measure or it could be open... It should fits not tight).
Anyway there is a shirred panel.

Condition: Never worn.

- Waist circumference, flat: 76cm
- Length: 21cm

Price: € 17
Total shipped to Europe: € 27
Total shipped to USA and Asia: € 29
Total shipped to Australia: € 30

♥ White Panku Cutsew ♥

Blouse-like cutsew, slighty stretch, made in thick cotton perfect for fall/winter.
Unfortunately I cannot find the stock pic because I bought it some years ago on Ebay.
In spite of usual 'quality' of lolita clothes that you find on Ebay, it is really well made and the laces don't look cheap.
I'm selling it because I never wear it. Bell-sleeves don't look good on me XD
It has got a back zip to open.
Materials are all white.
Laces are not bad and satin ribbons aren't excessively shiny.
I'm sorry if it looks a bit crinkled in the photo: I never worn it so I never had to iron it.

Condition: Only tried once at home, so it is in perfect condition.

Size: XL, approximately. It is slighty stretch so it can goes up to 5m more than flat measures, which are:
- Bust circumference: 100cm
- Waist circumference: 89cm
- Shoulder width (from seam to seam): 41cm
- Sleeve length: 49,5cm
- Total length (from shoulder, excluding the collar): 62cm

Price: € 25
Total shipped to Europe: € 40
Total shipped to USA and Asia: € 45
Total shipped to Australia: € 51

♥ BxW Handmade Bag ♥

Black and white hand bag made of black cotton and white cotton laces.
Handmade (not by me).
Very capacious!
There is a zip to open it.

Measures: 25x20x8,5cm

Price: € 7
Total shipped to Europe: € 16
Total shipped to USA and Asia: € 19
Total shipped to Australia: € 20

♥ BxW Headdress ♥

A lovely handmade (not by me) old school style headdress made of thick cotton, satin ribbons and cotton and raschel laces. Also lined.

Condition: Never used.

Measures: 38cm (lace included)

Price: € 8
Total shipped to Europe: € 16
Total shipped to USA and Asia: € 17
Total shipped to Australia: € 18

♥ BxW Minihat ♥

It is part of a old set by BL. Black and white, entirely made of cotton, satin ribbons.

Condition: Brand new with tag.

Measures: 22cm diameter including lace.

Price: € 6
Total shipped to Europe: € 16
Total shipped to USA and Asia: € 18
Total shipped to Australia: € 19



Hello Kitty hairpins, BL mint green extensions, Demonia shoes EU42 here.
Gaga style golden blonde hairbow here.

Tags: !ds, *plus size, angelic pretty, bodyline, color:black, color:pink, color:white, color:yellow, handmade, item:accessory, item:bag, item:cutsew, item:hair accessory, item:wigs, offbrand, taobao
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