thetinycakes (thetinycakes) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB: AP Vanilla-Chan Headbow in Lavender/Violet

My Feedback
Sorry I am still pretty new.
Here is some feedback from eBay if it helps

I am looking for a Vanilla-Chan Headbow in lavender/violet.  I may be interested in the socks as well if you have them.  But more interested in the bow.
Here is the Hello Lace for the item
I would like to see a proof photo if can be.
Also I would prefer to buy from America because of the shipping. But would consider international. =)
Please state your price and estimite on shipping with your comments. =D
I pay through PayPal
Thanks so much!!!

I hope my lj-cut worked this time! =)

Tags: !wtc, angelic pretty, candy violet, item:hair accessory
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