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DS/DT: sweet and gothic! AP, Btssb, Aatp, BPN, Bodyline, Chocomint.. GIMME YOUR METAMORPHOSE PRINTS!

1. Payment by Paypal only (fees not included in price).
2. Shipping from California, USA.
3. All offers including trades will be considered and are welcomed.
4. Payment plans are okay, but will require a nonrefundable deposit.
5. I will only hold items for a maximum of 1 week.

Feedback: egl comm sales , garagesalejapan

Trades accepted!! Wanting Meta prints to complete my collection, but I will also consider anything else brand or indie! (no offbrand/Bodyline/handmade please)

Check out my Trade Wishlist

Small freebie will be included with every purchase over $50! 2 freebies with purchase over $100!, etc.*
*while supplies last. must reach amount before shipping and paypal fee. does not apply to trades

Tops (Blouses, Sweaters, Jackets, etc.)

Metamorphose chocolate brown blouse - $35 TRADED
color is more accurate on photo on the right

AP Square Switching Cutsew - sax - $50 (proof)
it is stretchy but has no shirring on the back. some of the ribbons were removed by the previous owner, but they will be included.

Rose Melody blouse NWT - $25 sold to Tamara Miller

image on back:
Dear Celine blouse - $25

Peace Now star zip-up sweater
original price: $134.50
my price: $100

freesize/super stretchy

BPN shirt
original price: $186
my price: $100

max bust: ~37"

BPN vampire collar shirt
original price: $149
my price: $80

max bust: ~35"

BPN shirt
original price: $172
my price: $125
max bust: ~36"

h.Naoto Sixh. shirt - $40

h.naoto (Sixh Mint?) jacket - $50
more pics: [hood detailing], [on a hanger 1], [on a hanger 2]

Dresses (OPs, JSKs, salopettes, etc.)

Bodyline Military Sweets JSK - pink size M, $40 (proof)

Angelic Pretty Dream Magic OP, black - $200 (proof)
was worn by the previous owner. only damage is that the netting on one of the shoulders tore a bit because it got stuck on the edge of the box when I tried to take it out. I will put it in a plastic bag so the same thing wont happen to you. It's not very noticeable luckily and can possible be fixed.

AP Trick Girl Set in pink - $250 obo (not sure what it's worth since it's rare!) (proof) TRADED

AP Cutsew Parka OP in sax x pink - $150 obo (proof)

Btssb Dreamy Pony ~~lucky pack~~ jsk+headbow, $110 (proof) (back) on PAYMENT PLAN

Bottoms (Skirts, Pants, etc.)

Btssb Alice in Ribbon Kingdom skirt
w/ waist ties (proof), $160 OBO

Aatp miniskirt, $80 OBO
stretchy, but wouldn't suggest over 35"/89cm max

Frill cupcake skirt (brown&blue)
original price: $40
my price: $25
**has shirring all around so is pretty much freesize**


Peace Now tie
original price: $29
my price: $20

BPN Glitter mittens
original price: $63
my price: $40

pink - $2
pink w/ polkadots - $2 or FREE with purchase of Dreamy Pony
blue green flower - $3
Chocomint sax bow - $9

Chocomint lollipop - $12
Chocomint-style heart - $5

bunnykittymk pair of strawberry cuffs - $4 sold to Daniela Foster
pink bow necklace - $3 heart bow ring - $3 both SOLD to chadias

Chocomint lavendar pearled wristcuff - $7 SOLD
Chocomint ring - $7
Chocomint minibow - $6 SOLD to midoriiii

yellow macaroon necklace - $5 SOLD to hacatta

basic AP socks NWOT - $25 sold to chadias

AP Melty Chocolate bangle (mocha) - $40 SOLD

AP Melty Chocolate headband - $45 SOLD to cherrycruel

BTSSB drawstring tote - $15
some wear from original owner, see pic of print

Fancy Feathers mini hat - $4

silver - $3
polkadot - $3
sax - $3

elegant mini hat - $4
wasn't showing up well on my grey bedsheets xP

gold fancy hat - $5

Tags: !ds, !dt, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, black peace now, color:black, color:brown, color:pink, color:purple, color:white, h.naoto, item:blouse, item:cutsew, item:hair accessory, item:jumperskirt, item:miniskirt, item:skirt, metamorphose, peace now
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