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DS: Lots of Angelic Pretty, Putumayo, VM Beth, Secret Shop Shoes, offbrand, Swimmer

My Feedback

-Paypal only.
-I have a cat, and a ferret. The stray cat hair is going to happen.
-Must pay within 24 hours.
-Holds only accepted with 20% non-refundable deposit. Must be paid off within two months.
-Measurements are taken by an amateur, I do my best, but ask further questions if needed.
-First to commit to buy has preference, but if there's multiple people for one item, I may go with the one in the US for ease of shipping.
-No trades.
-Will do local pick-ups.
-I have the option to not sell to you.
-Please PM me your Paypal.

International Shipping
-Please ask for shipping quote.
-EMS shipping usually starts at $30. It is tracked and insured.
-First Class usually costs only a few dollar on top of the item price and is not tracked or insured. If you choose this method payment must be made via gift.
-I take the US shipping off the price for First Class shipping only. Using EMS always turns to a huge ordeal at the post office and usually costs more than quoted
-If you'd like the package value to be marked down, payment must be made via gift.

Royal Chocolate JSK in Mocha size M - $354 shipped in the US

AP Page
I bought it off the AP USA website, but it ended up not being my taste. Only tried on for a minute. 93cm bust, 73 cm waist. Can be brought in with lacing.

Royal Chocolate JSK in Ivory size L - SOLD

AP Page
I bought it since M wasn't released on the international site in hopes of it fitting, but there's no way I can wear this. The bust is 97cm and the waist is 77cm, Can be brought in with lacing. Only tried on for a minute.

Angelic Pretty Chocolate Piece Blouse in Brown Size M - $180 shipped in the US

Worn once and cleaned. Perfect condition and has the cutest little chocolate buttons. Size M didn't get released on the international or US site so this size is a little harder to find. 92cm bust, 78cm waist. Neck bow is removable.

Angelic Pretty Milky Way Cardigan - $200 shipped in the US

Perfect condition. Was only released in Japan. Bought it and decided it wasn't for me. 34" bust.

AP Dreamy Horoscope Folding Parasol in Navy - $65 shipped in the US ON HOLD

My photo
Bought then decided not to keep it. NWOT

AP Magical Etoile OTK Socks in White - $30 shipped in the US

Good condition, minimal wear.

AP Starry Night Theater OTK Socks in White - SOLD

Good condition, minimal wear.

Putumayo Zip-up Hoodie in Black - $55 shipped in US

Slightly faded and piling on it. Still in nice condition though. 34" bust.

Secret Shop AP Replica Star Engineer Boots in Red - $100 shipped in the US

Proof Pic
Size LL, 25cm, US 8.5 Top opening is 39cm
New, looks great but by the time I received them, I no longer wanted them.

Victorian Maiden Beth Short Hoodie - $35 shipped in the US

86cm bust. Lightly used with light piling, but overall it looks pretty nice.

Offbrand Pink Bolero - $20 shipped in US

Lace detail
New. Measures 16.5" underarm to underarm. Very flexible sizing though.

Red Book Purse - SOLD
Used once, no damage. One flaw is that one of the rings on the outer edge has a gap that lets the chain fall through. I clipped the chain to the ring next to it to fix this problem. 24cm wide, 16cm tall, 6cm depth. There's some very amusing text on the back of the purse that most people enjoy.

SWIMMER Puppy Scrapbook - $10 shipped in the US

Page 1
12.5cm x 20cm

SWIMMER Bunny Scrapbook - $8 shipped in the US

Page 1
New, but the pages look a little wrinkled from moisture.
12.5cm x 20cm

Please make an offer if you don't like the price. I don't always know what these things will sell for.

Other Sales:

DS: Postcards, Offbrand Blouse, Brand Socks, Swimmer

WTB List

Check my journal for other sales.
Lots of opportunities for combined shipping!

Thanks for looking!
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