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DS : lovely items!

A couple of things you need to know :
-Shipping is not included in the price, unless stated. Ask me and I'll tell you :)! I also refund if you pay too much shipping.
-I accept payments via Paypal, both regular and CC Paypal.
-Leave your paypal (preferably by PM for safety reasons) to hold your spot, a question does not guarantee your spot has been hold.
-The clothes come from a smoke-free home but I have three cats. Say hi to Oscar, Pixie, and Tchaikovsky! So there may be cat hair on my items but I will do my very best to remove them.
-Prices are in canadian dollars.
-The paypal fees are on me!
-Please don't ask me what is the minimum I would take for an item. Just tell me a price and we'll see :)
-Please no trades, except for stuff in my wishlist. But I'd rather much take money at the moment.
-Please be aware that shipping from Canada can be expensive, especially for bags and/or shoes I'm sorry about that ;___;

-If there is any problem, contact me so we can work something out. I haven't find any flaws on my items but we never know.
-Pay your invoice within 48h or I will consider that you're flaking on me and negative feedback will be left,

PLEASE NOTE ; I WILL NOT GIVE A FULL REFUND (unless the item is pretty destroyed haha) AND I WILL NOT TAKE THE ITEM BACK UNDER ANY CONSIDERATION. If there is a problem, contact me and you will be given appropriate compensation.

My eglfeedback page is here.
My wishlist is here.


1- Angelic Pretty - Pink bolero

NEW without tags, never worn.
Size : not quite sure, but it fits my 91 cm bust!
Price : 90$

2- Blended GLW wig in lavender x pink

Stock picture

Proof/worn picture (sorry about the petti peeking out -_____-)
You can find the actual product here.
I've worn this wig one time for a meetup. I will never wear this again. I am the first owner. WARNING : there are some knots at the back of the wig. I'll try my best to detangle it.
Price : 40$

3- Innocent World - Concordia pullover in pink

Proof picture
Looks a bit more pink-ish IRL. Never worn, only tried on.
Size : Lolibrary says
"Bust: 80" but trust me, it stretches a lot, but it's not suited for long torsos!
Price : 50$

4- Innocent World - Acanthus skirt

Proof picture
Never worn and never going to fit me haha.

Size : 58cm~73cm
Price : 125$

5- Innocent World - Bianca jumperskirt

Proof picture
Love this dress, but I can't figure out a way to wear it properly... so I think I should let it go.
Size : 70.4-134.4 bust
Price : 125$

6- Innocent World - Theresia Rose jumperskirt (SHORTER version) SOLD

Proof picture
Never worn.
Size : Bust: 85~98cm Waist: 64~81.5cm
Price : 175$

7- Baby, The Stars Shine Bright winter coat

Back of the coat
I originally traded another coat for this one. The person I traded with told me it would be warm enough for our canadian winters, but it's really not. I've worn it one time in autumn and that's about it. It's made from fleece. It's still really cute but not warm enough for me! Please be aware of this.
Size : I don't have any official size, but at 90cm bust, the buttons were having trouble to stay closed!
Price : 175$
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, innocent world, item:bolero, item:cutsew, item:jumperskirt, item:skirt, item:wigs
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