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!ES/!AFC: Red Velvet Bunny Tea Party OP, Rare Alice Rose JSK, and Pink Bunny Tea Party Skirt


Payment: I prefer to make all sales through Etsy, providing better protection for both buyer/seller
*Etsy shop now takes PayPal and most major cc through their site
*Please don't post your Paypal address here for safety purposes

Shipping: from Ohio
*Please see Etsy listing for varying shipping prices on each item, as well as detailed description!
*Shipping costs outside US vary from country to country/item to item, so please PM me with any questions here or on Etsy
*I always include tracking for all purchases!/Combine Shipping

Red Velvet Bunny Tea Party OP with Roses/Macaroons: Size 6, 8, 10...$350.00
-Materials: Cotton/Linen Blend, Hand Dyed Chemical Lace, Faux Pearl Buttons, Bias Loop, Premium Red Velvet Import

Rare Alice in Wonderland Rose Frame JSK: Size 6, 8 ...$290.00
-Materials: Cotton/Linen Blend, Hand Dyed Chemical Lace, Faux Pearls, Bordeaux Ribbon

Pink Bunny Tea Party Skirt w/ Waist Bow: Size 6, 8,....$115.00
-Materials: Cotton/Linen Blend, Faux Pearls, Pin Back

Thanks for looking! xo
Tags: !afc, !es, color:pink, color:red, indie brand, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, item:skirt
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