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DS!: Metamorphose OP, Infanta JSK, Off-brand real straw boater hat, handmade blouse

DS!: Metamorphose, Infanta, Off-brand straw boater hat, handmade blouse

Hello lovelies! I am looking to sell the following items.
Sorry, I am not currently interested in trades.

For sizing reference, I am 5'9" tall, 36" bust, 28" waist.

EGL feedback
Majority of my feedback can be found on the outside links for Etsy and eBay. I'm still pretty new to the comm, so I apologize I have very little feedback so far!

-Located in Lawrence, Kansas USA
-I live in a pet-free, smoke-free home.
-Prices are listed in USD; measurements in inches.
-Priority sales will go to buyers in the US and Canada.
-Only accepting Paypal.
-Priority will go to the first interested buyer. If I have not heard back within 24 hours, priority goes to the next interested party.
-I will ship as soon as possible after payment transaction is complete. You will be notified by PM upon shipment.

Here we go...!

Seller proof image along with my DKNY comforter:


proof of possession

(taken on a different day--best image I've taken of almost the entire dress in the frame)

Detail of the detachable collar and brand label

Size information: Waist to hem is 20", sleeve length 22.5", easily accommodates a 36" bust but I would not recommend any bigger than that, even the waist fit me pretty well. The waist wasn't tight, but if I
were any bigger, it would probably be a little uncomfortable. However, for the rest of it I would need to scale myself down by about 30% to be able to fit it. It is about 3” above my knee (even worse when I put a petticoat with it) and the circumference of the sleeve is too small—I need about another inch all the way around them! I recommend someone about 5'6" or shorter for this dress unless you have the time to add an extra ruffle to the bottom of it for length safety.

Perfect for fall and winter! Bought second-hand back in September. I legitimately cannot find anything wrong with it—it’s like new. Collar and cuffs are detachable via buttons, apron is not attached (I hadn’t planned on using the apron at all, I just loved the design of the dress itself) and ties at both the neck and the waist, dress has detachable ties at the sides, fully lined, comes with extra buttons on the inside side-seam garment tag.

Infanta - First Edition Check Alice JSK - Black x light pink (no longer available!) - $80 + shipping SOLD!  Thank you!!

Off-brand straw boater hat - $18 + shipping

Pretty straight-foward: it's a hat! Purchased a while back through Junie Fantasy Parlor. I love it but don't have any co-ordinates it would go with. Had the Meta OP up there fit me better, I'd have worn them together! Circumference is a little bigger than the average head, so it definitely allows for a wig underneath while maintaining a good fit. :D

Handmade White Rabbit Blouse - Pattern Size 14 - $40 + shipping  SOLD!  Thank you!!

Thanks for looking! Please post here or private message me if you have questions or would like to see more detailed photos.

xoxo missjamye

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