Validee ( griffith) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: 20% reductions on brand clothing, mostly IW

-No Trades
-Shipping is from Korea and built into the price, discount for combined orders.  If you want EMS/tracking it's about $30 more.
only in USD, I have to convert it back into won and do an international
transfer and it's expensive, so there's a discount if you're able to
pay via bank transfer within Korea
-Each purchase will come with a free gift of sample Korean makeup (bb cream, face wash, face mask, etc.)

IW Chiffon Stripe Rose JSK- $200 shipped $160 shipped

normal length jsk, worn once and washed gently.  Received in outlet pack, but no found flaws.

IW Roman Trump long JSK- $230 shipped $184 shipped

Black x tan.  Outlet dress, there's a tiny snag in the chiffon on the back of
the skirt, but I was unable to get a picture of it because it's so tiny.  Nothing else is
wrong. Long length.

IW Pietro Angel Jsk- $250 shipped $200 shipped

Bought in Japan, worn once very briefly.  No flaws. 

IW dusty lavender blouse (size M)- $65 shipped $52 shipped
Worn once by me.  Colour is a muted antique lavender similar to Bertille Rose.

IW Corset Skirt- $120 shipped $96 shipped

without tags, never worn.  Shirred with corset lacing in back.  Fits up
to 27" waist. Black band with ivory skirt.  Normal length.

AP Pleated skirt- $110 shipped $88 shipped

Bought from Closet Child, worn once.  White with black stripes.  Fits up to about 27-28" waist.  No shirring. 

IW Night Bear Half Coat- $200 shipped $160 shipped
Black coat, the buttons after the yoke are hidden.  Very cute pink bear print lining.  Has pockets!  Worn a couple times.

Baby Unico pink socks- $25 shipped $20 shipped
Worn once.  Slight wear at the soles. Light pink x dark pink x green

SS White flats, size M (US 6.5-7)- $60 shipped $48 shipped
New, never worn. Living in the city is too dirty for white shoes. :(

Korean Offbrand Ivory Faux Fur Collar- $35 shipped $28 shipped

Never used.

Thanks for looking!
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