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Closet-cleaning sale!

* My feed back is at:
* I ship from Malaysia, to worldwide.
* I will accept reasonable (!) offers on most items.
* I'm willing to split sets only if I find a buyer for all pieces
* My first priority is clearing my closet; I'm willing to look at trades, but please don't be offended if I turn you down, it just means I don't have enough closet space.
edit: Priority goes to first person to pm me their paypal.

shipping and payment:
* International buyers: I accept paypal only. Prices inclusive of paypal fees
* Local (Malaysian) buyers: I can also accept Maybank transfer, please pm me for details

* Registered airmail: Blouses ship for 1,200yen alone, 600yen for each additional blouse
* EMS: 4500yen for one blouse, 2000yen for each additional blouse
Dresses and skirts:
* Registered airmail: 4200 yen each dress, 3000yen for additional dress (the resulting box ends up in a different mail category, so not much savings)
* Socks/headbows/necklace - I can ship up to 3 items for 900yen, registered airmail, if you add it to a dress/blouse it ships for free.

Proof of ownership:

1. Innocent World Pompadour JSK - SOLD

Price: 15,000/177 usd
Note: Please take note that it's the version without back bustle (back photo here). Worn out once, then washed and has been in storage since.

2. Innocent World Blouse 1, size S

Price: 8,000 yen/95 usd
Note: Size S. I received it from a lucky pack, washed it but never wore it as I can't fit into it.

3. Innocent world Blouse 2, size M

Price: 8,000 yen/ 95 usd
Note: Size M. I received it from a lucky pack, washed it but never wore it as I can't quite fit into it. The lace is a little wrinkled from storage, you can easily iron the lace flat out again (view closeup here)

4. Innocent world Blouse 3, sizeless

Price: 7,000 yen, 82 usd
Note: There is no size written on the inside. I washed it but never wore it either as it's also a bit small. I don't know whether it's a size M or S.

5. Innocent World hangers - SOLD

Price: 500 yen/5 usd each
Note: They're covered in a flocky material.
Please note that these hangers are quite bulky, so they will probably cost a little more to ship

6. Chess Chocolate Low Waist set in pink

Price: 45,000 yen/530 usd
Notes: Dress has been worn out once. Headbow has been tried on but not worn out. Socks are new, though I lost the little clips that hold them together. I'm sorry about the price, I'm still somewhat partial to this outfit, so if no one wants to pay that much, I'll just hang on to it.

split prices:
jsk is 35000 yen/410
socks is 4000 yen/48
headbow is 6000 yen/72

7. Chess Chocolate Low Waist set in mint

Price: 28,000 yen/330 usd
Notes: Dress and socks have been worn for a couple of hours indoors and washed afterwards. Nothing has been worn outside.

split prices:
socks - 3100/36 usd
jsk - 24900/294usd

8. Memorial Cake OP set in pink - dress sold, bonnet available

Price: 30,000 yen/355 usd
Notes: The socks seem to have some discolouration, please view the picture

split prices:
op + socks - 20,000y/236y
bonnet - 10,000y/119 6000yen


9. Baby the Stars headbow - SOLD
Price: 1,000 yen/12 usd
Notes: Came in 2012's summer LP. has a btssb label on the back (back view here).

10. Scent of Rapunzel Necklace, silver
Price: 2,000 yen/24 usd
Notes: I only got this far in collecting this series, sadly enough. Hoping to recover some of my costs! Here is a closeup.

11. Baby the Stars heart-shaped pochette

Price: 3,000 yen/35 usd
Notes: Came in 2012's summer LP. I only took it out of its plastic to take photos.

Various socks

From left to right:

12. lace fingerless gloves:
Price: 100 yen/1 usd, or request it free with any purchase of a blouse, skirt or jsk
Notes: I bought this off Sockdreams, but it's a pretty cheap product.

13. Innocent World Socks - SOLD
price: 2,400 yen/28 usd
Notes: Bought this for a dress, but it didn't match. I didn't even wear it, I'm hoping to at least recover some of the cost. Never worn, quite new.

14. Innocent World Ashley Embroidery socks - SOLD
price: 1,800 yen/21 usd
Notes: It doesn't seem to match the colourway of the jsk I have. Never worn.

15. Secret Shop White rabbit socks
price: 500 yen/6 usd
Notes: Bought and washed these, but never got around to wearing them.

16. Secret Shop strawberries socks SOLD
price: 500 yen/ 6 usd
Notes: Bought and washed these, but never got around to wearing them.

(brown-Sock not for sale)

17. Baby the Stars logo knee socks -SOLD
price: 700 yen/8 usd
notes: Never worn, came in 2012's summer lucky pack

18. Dear Celine Deer Blouse, Size L

price: 5,000 YEN/59 usd
notes: I bought this as I needed more pink in my wardrobe, but I don't actually have any deer-themed items, so this blouse never got worn. I bought it in 2012, so it's fairly new, just a little wrinkled from storage.
Here is a closeup of the lace.

19. Surface Spell black blouse, size L - SOLD

price: 3,000 yen/35 usd
notes: I bought this a couple of years ago and have worn this out a few times, but it's still in good condition, no ripped lace or stains. I'm selling it because I lost some weight, so now it's a little bit big for me. Made for a 95cm bust, 78cm waist.

20. Off brand blouse, freesize

price: 1,700 yen
notes: It's a little sheer, so I've already marked down the price. Feel free to make an offer, as I really want this gone.

21. Ribbon beret

price: 3,000 yen
Notes: I commissioned this in the style of Royal Chocolate berets just this year (2012), but I haven't had the opportunity to wear this out at all. It's still new in its packaging.

22. HMHM blouse - SOLD

price: 1,000 yen/11usd
Notes: I commissioned this blouse a couple of years ago, part of it seems to have discoloured with age. Someone crafty might be able to fix it up, maybe cut the sleeves short. Made for a 95cm bust, 78cm waist.
Here is a closeup of the discoloration. The blouse comes with a spare button.

23. White blouse, size L?

price: 1,000 yen/ 11 usd
Notes: I think I bought this with a skirt as a set off eBay? It was made for a 93cm bust, 78cm waist. It's fairly well made, I just never wore it. There is some odd black spots on the sleeve, I don't know if it will come out when washed.
Here's a view of the back, and a closeup of the spots on the sleeve.

24. Offbrand tights

price: 300 yen/ 3usd
Notes: I did try this on, but it's too short for me. I'd recommend it for someone shorter than 5 feet.

Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, dear celine, innocent world, item:accessory, item:bag, item:blouse, item:hair accessory, item:jumperskirt, item:legwear, offbrand, secret shop, taobao
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