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WTB: Huge wish list from MmM, AATP, AP, IW, Jane Marple+ BTSSB Stained Glass short OP in black!


I do accept paypal payment.

Sometimes I ask for payment plans with none refundable deposit, so I hope it will be okay to you.

Moi meme Moitie:

I may be interested in MmM jewellery (like crosses), headbows and headdresses, shoes in size 25.5-26.0! Other dresses that will fit 100 cm bust and 80 cm waist are welcome!

1) Iron Gate OP in blackXwhite or blackXblue from Moi meme Moitie. It is my very-very dream dress, so If you want to sell it or know someone who does own it going to sell let me know please!

2) Blue Rose print OP

3) Stained Glass Print Chiffon LONG One-Piece (BLACK preffered, but may be green);
I know that this one is still available for purchasing, but maybe someone goes to sell their his dress a little cheaper than directly from MmM?

Angelic Pretty

1) Sugary Carnival special set in blue.
May be it's a long shot, but this dress was my another dream for ages, so if you see it somewhere or know person who wants to sell it - let me know please!

2) Twinkle Carnival JSK in black

3) Classic Melody Switching JSK in black

4) Wonder Party full shired JSK in brown

5) Chocolate Rosette beret in red.

6) Royal Chocolate bag in brown.

7) Honey Cake Bag

Alice and the Pirates:

1) Dance of the Black Cats Halterneck JSK (black, green, dark red)

2) Gloria print JSK in Black or Navy (only this version!)

BABY the stars shine bright:

1) Seraphim print or Stained Glass OP in BLACK

Juliette et Justine:

1) Cardrage robe Size 2

2) Castle skirt in size 2 (gray preffer)

3) Murmur de L'ange robe in size 2

Innocent World:

1) Grazia Crown JSK long or short in navy blue

2) Boleros or cardigans in black, red, brown; size L.

Jane Marple:

Necklaces and Violin Bag in Brown or Black colour.

Thanks for looking!

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