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DS:Angelic Pretty, AatP, Offbrand

Happy holidays, everyone! I hope the season is treating you all well. I'm trying to give clothing I don't wear often a new home, so please have a look at my sales (or trades, if you'd like). But first :
  • Feel free to message me for worn photos, more detail photos, sizing info, etc.
  • Prices are in US Dollars. They do not include shipping.
  • I live in a smoke free home.
  • I have a cat, but all the dresses have been hanging in my closet where he does not go.
  • My feedback page is here http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1620455.html
  • I only accept paypal.
  • Sale goes to the first person who can pay full price and leaves a paypal.
Angelic Pretty Meringue Ribbon (2010) (Sax x Purple)


  I bought this used and have worn it once since. It has shirring  in the back and non-detachable waist ties. It shows some signs of wear in that there is general color fading and two foundations stains around the neck. Price reflects this.
Price: $100

Alice and the Pirates Alice II OP (2006)



This is a really good dress for sailor and pirate lolita! I bought it used and wore it twice. The only flaw is a small foundation stain on the inner collar that is not noticeable when worn. It has detachable cuffs, apron and neck/shoulder tie.
Price: $100


This is an offbrand skirt. I wore it often when I first got it, but have barely touched it in the past couple years. Zip close in the back, fully lined with a small built-in petti. It has no stains/tears/flaws of any sort.
Price: $30


Offbrand blouse. I've only worn it twice and have found it to pull a bit too much in the bust. Would fit a small or extra-small only. It has somewhat puffy shoulders, a ribbon neck tie, and slightly sheer polka dot fabric around above the chest. No flaws.
Price: $15

I am looking to sell, however I would be happy to look at trades for the dresses. I'd especially be interested in trading for any of the BtSSB story embroidery dresses (Wizard of Oz, Red Riding Hood, El Dorado, etc.). Thanks and have a nice day!
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, color:blue, color:pink, color:white, item:blouse, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, item:skirt, offbrand
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