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!AFC Haenuli’s "Stained glass of Saint Giles" series JSK,OP,SK

- About Reservation -

Stained glass of the Saint Giles

Item Type : JSK, OP, SK
Opitional Choice : Bodice print / plane bodice
Opitional Accessories : Half bonnet, Head bow
Colorway : Black , White

  • -Reservation Period: Dec 23th ~ Jan 10th
  • -Payment Period: Dec 23th~ Jan 31th (Payment plan is available, but item will be shipped after payment plan is done.)
  • -Payment Method: PayPal only (USD Only)
  • -Shipping: Jan. 20th ~ Feb 10th
  • Shipping is from Korea.
I use registered uninsured shipping method with fixed cost at 22usd, tracking number included.
If you prefer EMS with insurance, please let me know. EMS fee is 35usd
I do combine shipping but do not mark down packages unless requested.
Prices include PayPal fees but not shipping.

  • - Materials -
Fabric Material: Korean fabric with "heat sublimation print" (moderately thick), chemical lace, silk ribbon
Garment Care: First cleaning should be dry clean. After, cold wash on gentle cycle and line dry. Do not machine dry. Iron on low heat.
I will print the fabrics the day after the reservation closes.*
*depending on the factory (material) schedule, there may be delays on the shipping date. I will e-mail the group should there be any changes to the timeline.

  • - Sizing -
Custom sizing order is only for skirt, we do not do custom size order for JSK or one-piec
Please check the clothing size I provided and double check your own size. If you’re not sure what size you are, please refer to a similar dress design you have and compare your measurements.

  • - Craftsmanship, Return & Exchange -
Due to the method of printing, minor misprints can take place. Such misprints cannot be a ground for return & exchange, however I will look at your claims case-by-case and if deemed severe enough, I will replace your garmen
I will return your payment or change order details (such as color and size) if requested within 7 days of payment. I may be willing to change the details to your order past these 7 days, but it may incur an additional fe
Garments cannot be exchanged if they have been worn or damages (including but not limited to make up stains, perfume/cigarette scent, rips) have taken place.
Please note that color of fabric may vary based on monitor display setting and lighting.
I hold myself to highest possible standards in terms of craftsmanship, but please be aware that all items is made by an individual seamstress. While I will try my utmost best to create a flawless garment, it can be hard to beat factory made items and may have minor flaws (including but not limited to, +/- ½ inch measurements, occasional loose threads and uneven stitching) that can be missed as the garments are handmade. These small inconsistencies may occur but will not affect the look or feel of the garment in any way. This is a risk involved in working with long distance commissioning and you must be aware of this before orderin
And finall
Claims  through ignoring the above stated rules and disclaimers cannot be the grounds for exchange or return. I will definitely give my best however, to make this transaction as smooth, efficient and pleasant as possible. Thank you very much for ordering with Haenul


Stained Gla of the Saint Giles

MK4A1449 (1)MK4A1449_사본 (1)
* We don't have white sample pictures now

  • Feature Details & Size

-Jumper ski
Features: Adjustable shoulder straps, Side zipper, Partial shirring, Corset lacing
Bodice type : Print / non
Color :Black / white
Size : size 1 / siz
Bust : 85 ~ 98cm (33.4in ~ 38.6in) / 96cm ~ 110cm (37.8in ~ 43.3in)
Waist: 63 ~ 80cm (23.8in ~ 31.4in) / 74cm ~ 90cm  (29.1in ~ 35.4in)
Shoulder strap: 34 ~ 39cm(13.3in~15.3in) / 34~39cm (13.3in~15.3in) (Button whole)
Bodice Length: 34cm(13.3in) / 34cm (13.3in) - without shoulder straps
Skirt length: 63cm (23.8in) - include lace
Length: 97cm (38in) - include lace
Price : 210usd


6 사본
* We don't have white color sample pictures now / White collar is edit with photoshop.

  • Feature Details & Size
- OP
Features: No shirring, Pleated sleeve, Long sleeve, Lining , Back zipper
Bodice type : Print / non
Color :Black / white
Opitional Collar color : Same color / White
Size : size 1 / size 2 / size 3
Bust : 86.5cm (34in) / 92.5cm (36.4in) / 98cm(38.5in)
Waist: 67cm (26.3in) / 73.5cm (29in) / 80cm(31.4in)
Sleeve length : 65cm (25.6in) / 67cm (26.4in) / 67cm (26.7in
Bodice Length: 36cm(14.1in) / 39cm (15.3in) / 39cm(15.3in)
Skirt length: 63cm (23.8in) - include lace
Length: 97cm (38in) - include lace
Price : 270usd

* We don't have white sample pictures now
  • Feature Details & Size
- Skirt
Features: Waist band, Side zipper, Partial shirring, Lining
Color : Black / White
Size: Regular Size / Custom Order (+30usd / changeable length)
Waist: 63 ~ 75cm / changeable with custom order
Waist Band Length: 4cm / changeable with custom order
Skirt Length: 63cm (23.8in) -include lace / changeable with custom order
Total Length: 67cm -include lace / changeable with custom order

Price : 85usd / 115usd

** Due to agreement with photographer only JSK and OP orders are available from now one. Thank you for understanding


  • Half bonnet
Free size , wired , corsage, comb

  • Hair ban
Free size ,3 layer, 2 layer with wired , lace


* Model photo shoot (coord with JSK, half bonnet)

- Order form -

If you would like to order, please complete the form and send an email t haenuli0@naver.com
  • Name:
  • LJ ID:
  • Item:
  • Color:
  • Bodice : Print / plane
  • Collar color(For OP) : Black /white
  • Size :
  • E-mail:
  • Paypal Account:
  • Phone Number (required for shipping):
  • Shipping address:
  • Additional comments:
  • Shipping method : EMS/Resister
** Due to agreement with photographer only JSK and OP orders are available from now one. Thank you for understanding
Tags: !afc, *plus size, color:black, handmade, item:accessory, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece
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