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DS: 20% Chocomint, H.Naoto (H&A/Mint Neko), Peace Now, Putumayo (NOTHING OVER $85)


ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be on vacation from Dec. 28th-Jan. 7th. So if you give payment before Dec. 27th then I will be able to ship it out your items.

-‭ ‬No trades please‭!
-‭ ‬Payment is Paypal only

~[‬Best Offers‭/Holds]~
-‭ ‬I also can do payment plan for items however I demand a‭ ‬20%‭ ‬non-refundable deposit first then I‭ ‬will hold your item.
- I cannot give you the item to pick up or send the item to you unless you have paid in full of the item.
-‭ ‬I am willing to negotiate down to‭ "‬reasonable prices‭"‬.‭ ‬Just most of them.
-‭ ‬But I if accept your offer for a lower price for the item I will be giving exactly three days‭ (‬from my comment approval response of the lower price you offer‭) ‬to see if somebody can offer a bit more than what you are bargaining,‭ ‬but if someone offers full price that I am asking for then the item is going straight to them.‭ ‬But if no one offers anything higher or paying full price after three days,‭ ‬then I will‭ ‬comment the acceptance of your price you're offering.
‬-‭ ‬I have every right to refuse your lower offer‭ ‬if someone else within‭ ‬3‭ ‬days is willing‭ ‬to pay more for the item that I am asking for.‭

-‭ ‬Sorry no pick-up.
-‭ ‬The price of the all items already includes the‭ <‬b>item,‭ ‬shipping (First Class),‭ ‬and paypal fees‭<‬/b‭>‬.‭
-‭ ‬I also ship international‭ (‬except Mexico and Italy‭)‬.
-‭ ‬I am not responsible for any items lost or damages of the item once the item is shipped.

-‭ ‬If you need any size measurements,‭ ‬more pictures of the items,‭ ‬other questions,‭ ‬etc.‭ ‬then tell me.‭ ‬I‭ ‬am happy to answer them the best I can.
-‭ ‬I own a cat and living in a very dusty basement it gets on my clothes very easily.‭ I will do to the best of my abilities to get as much fur and dust off of‭ ‬the clothes before I ship it to you.
- All measurements are done flat and measured approximately.

-‭ ‬No returns or exchanges‭ (‬all sales are final‭)
-‭ ‬First person to leave me their Paypal address on comment/PM first gets the item‭ (‬including if you choose to do personal payment‭)‬.‭ ‬If you do end up leaving your Paypal address in the comments,‭ ‬I will screen it‭!
-‭ ‬By leaving your Paypal address that means you have accepted these all these terms above,‭ ‬read it all,‭ ‬and acknowledge all the rules above or else I have a right to revoke your deal/offer.

Feedback:‭ ‬


Amuse Flan Square Pouch (black x hot pink)

Chocomint Mint Bow

Originally bought: $20
Price: USA $12 / International: $16
Condition: Brand new with no tags
Description: It is brand new and no flaws, but I realized this was too big and fat for my in my opinion and as much as I LOVE mint I have to let it go since I can't find any use for it. It includes an alligator clip at the back to wear it on your hair and a pin to wear it as a brooch.

H.Naoto Hangry & Angry Bracelet (Hangry, no charm)

Price: USA $5.6 / International: $8.8
Condition: Excellent condition
Description: I have worn it very gently about 3 times, but I did not really enjoy it. Actually there are no flaws through what I can see in my eyes. It looks exactly like when I purchased it at the H.Naoto SF store. There is no charm unfortunately and it was an Hangry charm that was originally on it, but unfortunately it fell off when I wore it outside and never found it.

‭H.Naoto Mint Neko Armwarmers

‭Peace Now Skirt (black x white)


Length: 15in + 2.5 mesh
‭Waist: 26in (max)
Originally bought: $140
‭Price: USA $60 / International: $64
‭Condition: brand new with tags
‭Description: I just really need the money and right now as much as it pains me to rid this skirt for the price that someone pays for I will be happy to give it away then. It is brand new and have only worn to try it on.

Putumayo Blouse (white x white)

Putumayo Stripe (purple x green) Dress Set

San-X Rilakkuma Chocolate and Coffee 7" Pen Pouch

Uploaded with
Width: 7in
Height: 3.3in
Depth: 2in
Originally bought: $25
Price: USA / International: $20
Condition: Excellent condition
Description: I have used it a number of times, but very gently. The only flaw I can see is just the gold heart zipper has visible surface scratches. Other than that everything else is fine. You may ask me more for pictures and to double check extra closely for you.

‭Thank you for looking‭! ^^
Tags: !ds, chocomint, color:black, color:green, color:purple, color:white, h.naoto, item:accessory, item:blouse, item:skirt, peace now, putumayo
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