purronica (purronica) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB white short sleeved cutsew or blouse ~

hello~ let's keep this simple & to the point.

♥ my feedback: click
♥ please include shipping to FL, USA in your prices
♥ list your prices in USD
♥ don't offer me things that will be too small / actually read the measurements i have listed (seriously, it happens and it's discouraging)
♥ my measurements are 46/42/47
♥ if there are any flaws or damages to the item(s) offered whatsoever, please inform me and reflect it in your price.

okay hi guys i just really need a new white blouse. *U* my previous one is long sleeved and got pretty badly stained at a restaurant....
i've decided on short/half sleeves because, to be honest, i live in florida and it gets pretty hot.
i really like things with shirring. i already overestimated my measurements (i'm actually a 44/40/45) because i don't want something tight fitting.
i like collars, but not high collars because 90% of the time my neck is too large and i can't button them all the way up. i do like neck ties.
bows are super cute, too! if it has bow accents or a large bow on the front i will probably like it.

i will consider both bleach/stark white and off-white/cream. :) please just tell me which it is, because it's hard to tell in pictures and i don't want to be disappointed.

obv not looking for brand because i'm too large, however if something is fully shirred and guaranteed by a plus-size review to fit, i'll consider it.

Tags: !wtb, *plus size, *replica, color:white, handmade, item:blouse, item:cutsew, offbrand
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