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Luna Juliette Ravenscroft

!DS/ !DT Infanta Cinderella Embroidery ::::SOLD::::

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Pennsylvania, PA
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Infanta Embroidery JSK


Cinderella Gorgeous Embroidery JSKDSC01734DSC01733

This dress is the Infanta Cinderella Embroidery.  The original seller had just ordered this dress 2 weeks ago and I recieved it this week. I'm selling it because it didn't fit right. The dress is new, but came wiith a small stain when bought. I didn't try to remove it, but I'm certain it can be removed.The dress is heavier than other cotton dresses, because the fabric is velvet or something. It's furry/soft.  Never been worn.

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!WTB- AP Strawberry Parlour JSK & Black Tea Parties 
!DS/!DT Metamorphose Blouse

Trades and OBOs will be considered. 
Additional photos can be provided. 
Feel Free to ask any questions. 
 Unless previously discussed, payment is due within 24 hours of invoicing. 

Thank you for looking!
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