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DS: SOLD AP Black Striped Switching Playing Cards Salopette

-Feedback: Here.
-Need to sell some things to study in Japan. ;~;
-US buyers only.
-I'll be shipping from Michigan.
-Shipping will be in one of those USPS boxes that have fixed prices.
-I will include tracking.
-PM me your Paypal!
Note: This will be the first time I'll invoice a person so please be patient D:

Angelic Pretty Striped Switching Playing Cards Salopette

LoliLibrary Page & Hello Lace Page
Bought off the comm from octavekitten last year
Selling for $130 (Shipping is not included with this price)
Wore it 5 times outside.
There is some pilling on the white ribbons on the bottom and on the applique.
There are some loose strings on the A and P.
Other images:
Pilling and loose strings

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, color:black, item:salopette
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