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DS: Leaving lolita! AP, IW, Meta, BTSSB, Bodyline - dresses, skirts, socks, wristcuffs and a headbow

Hi everyone! Sadly I am leaving lolita :

Important so please read~
My feedback is
I accept paypal only
I have 2 cats but they have no access to my wardrobe, but allergies beware.
Priority goes to the person who can pay first.
No trades at the moment please.  
I am located in the Channel Islands and will be shipping from there
I ship internationally
I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages
All sales are final
All measurements are amateur so please be aware of this
All prices are in British Pounds
----- Thank you -----

Please ask for shipping prices by leaving your country and we can talk about it ^_^ Thanks!


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Alice Chess JSK in pink
Bust: 90 cm
Waist: 76 cm 
Length: 90 cm 
Lolibrary Link for more
Condition: No flaws, has a worn feeling to it, but there's still plenty of life left ^_^ 
Back of dress

Price: £105

Handmade OP by seamstress Peach-Cookie
Bust: 36 inches
Waist: 28 inches
I am slightly smaller than these measurements but it still fits well due to the shirring in the back! A beautiful dress that I have only worn twice and now have to part with. 
It's very well made and comes with a large detachable bow and non-detachable neck ties. 
Perfect condition. 
Back, Print, Detachable bow

Price: £100

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Paris Princess Drop JSK in pink 
Bust: roughly 90cm 
Waist: 78 cm 
Length: 91 cm 
No flaws, very good condition! 
Comes with waist ties 
Lolibrary link for more
Back of dress
Price: £65 SOLD awaiting final payment

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Alice Halloween JSK in pink 
Bust: 88 cm 
Waist: 78 cm 
Length: 95 cm 
Very good condition, no flaws! 
Comes with waist ties.
Back of dress
Lolibrary link for mor
Price: £100 

Innocent World Cherry Cat JSK in pink 
Bust (underbust): 73 cm, and it fits me well with an 88 cm bust. 
Waist: 62 - 73 cm 
Length: 93 cm 
Excellent condition, no flaws. 
Comes with a detachable bow, pictured below. 
Back of dress
Lolibrary link for more
Price: £105

Metamorphose Rabbit Cafe in mint
Bust: 88 cm 
Waist: 68 cm 
Good condition, but with some yellowing on the underarms and wrinkling of the ribbons of the corset laces, see pictures. 
Comes with detachable neck ties (with a little yellowing) and three detachable bows (attached to the dress in the pictures). 
Hello lace lin
Back, underarm, corset lacing
Price: £80

Metamorphose Honey Picnic OP in lavender
Bust: 88 cm 
High waist: 76 cm 
Very good condition, no flaws
Comes with waist ties and two detachable bows (pictured on dress) 
Back of dress
Hello lace link
Price: £90 SOLD

strawberry parlour jsk 001
Angelic Pretty Strawberry Parlour JSK in black (halterneck) and socks!
Measurements: (according to lolibrary)
Bust: 89 - 95 cm
Waist: 72 - 85
Length: 86 + 3 (lace) cm
Perfect condition, worn once and this photo was taken before I took off the tag! 
Comes with waist ties and detachable neck ties 
Price: (4 week repost) SOLD awaiting final payment


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Friend Kumya-chan Print Lillian skirt
Waist: 62 - 70 cm 
Length: 50 cm 
Perfect condition, worn once. 
Hello lace lin
Price: £60

Angelic Pretty Happy Garden special set skirt in pink 
Waist: around 27 inches 
Very good condition, but with some slight piling. 
Comes with waist ties and a detachable bow (pictured below) 
Price: £70 On payment plan

Bodyline Blue Princess skirt in blue
Waist: max 28 inches
Very good condition, no flaws. 
Price: £15

Angelic Pretty Whimsical Vanilla-chan skirt in pink 
Waist: 63 - 73 cm 
Length: 47 cm
Very good condition, no flaws
Comes with waist ties and a detachable bow (pictured below) 
Hello lace link

Price: £105 


Baby, The Stars Shine Bright bunny ear cardigan 
Bust: around 88cm (it fits me at that measurement)
Very good condition with no flaws, but a slightly worn feel. 
Price: £30

Angelic Pretty Vanilla-chan socks in mint
I have listed them separately since they are a different colourway to the skirt

Slight worn feel, but still plenty of life left. 
Price: SOLD

Angelic Pretty Happy Garden socks in black
Slightly worn feel but still life left ^_^ 
Price: SOLD


Angelic Pretty Happy Garden headbow in lavender
Unworn by me, perfect condition
Price: SOLD


Angelic Pretty mint x pink wristcuffs
Perfect condition! Never worn by me. 
Price: SOLD

And not for sale~
The additional/detachable pieces to match the dresses/skirts ^_^ 

Thank you for looking, please comment or PM me if you have any questions ^_^ 
Talk soon~
Tags: angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, innocent world, item:cardigan, item:hair accessory, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, item:skirt
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