saruwatarisan (saruwatarisan) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS : Chantilly socks


Rules :
- I ship from France
- Price not include :track number+pp fees (3.4%+0.25€) but you can use gift option
- I don't smoke, I have 2 cats
- I'm not responsible : packet loss, degradation of the Post
- Shipping : ask me your country + if you want track number or not
- I accept plan payment (2 times) I ask 50% of the amount immediately (be careful about PP fees)

You can make me reasonable offers

- My Feedback page : here
- If you have any question ask me


MmM hair accesory
60€ worldwide shipping (registered) included + pp fees (price on the MmM site 8400yens)

Chantilly socks (OTK)
Worn once
15€ + shipping + pp fees

Any question ?
Ask me ;)
Tags: !ds, moi-meme-moitie
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