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WTB: Angelic Pretty Fortissimo Jsk

Hi! (^o^)/

WANTED: Traveling Lolita obsessed with Red and Blue seeks Jsk to fill a hole in her heart.

Dear Lolitas, for a very long time I've been searching for the "Fortissimo" jumperskirt by Angelic Pretty. I posted a WTB nearly a year ago, waiting patiently, and never received a reply, so here I am, trying again.

Have you seen her? She comes in several colours, and I'd adopt any one of them, but here she is in red for reference:

I realize "Fortissimo" is a piece of music played at a high volume, and she is a rather loud dress, but that's precisely what I love about her. I promise to make her very happy in my home. I will indulge her in walks, travels abroad, and many fun outings. I'll introduce her to all sorts of berets, blouses, cardigans, and my best friends, my Metamorphose red enamel shoes. 

If you could find it in your heart to let her go, I promise to take her happily into my closet, my suitcase, wherever my loliventures take me.


PS, if I'm not lucky enough to find her, I'll also consider the Rose Panel Jsk by Innocent World, the Twilight Circus Jsk by Alice and the Pirates, or the Innocent World London Bear Jsk, or something else from my Wishlist. Bonus points if it involves stripes, red and blue, and/or coordinating berets. 

The serious stuff lol:

EGL Feedback
Positive: 72

Neutral: 0
Negative: 0 

+ I will pay via Paypal immediatley. 

+ International sellers okay, but I highly prefer US domestic. Sellers in Japan would also be favorable because shipping is pretty quick and reliable. ^^

+ Located in the USA.

+ I'll always try to leave feedback if you do the same! (Though I get busy, just remind me~!)
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