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DS/DT: Btssb Pink Cutsew **25% price reduction** --- SOLD! THANK YOU!

My Feedback Page: here

Please Read:
  • Price is in USD
  • Shipping to the USA is included, international shipping is Price + 5 USD
  • I only accept paypal.  I will consider a meet-up IF you live in the Lehigh Valley or close by (PM me).
  • I will consider trades (wishlist at the bottom of post- I am currently not looking to buy unless you are offering 50USD or under)
  • I reserve the right to refuse an offer. This sale is final.  I will not refund or accept returns.
  • I am not responsible for the item once it is in the hands of the postal service.  If you would like additional tracking, please request a quote.
Sorry for the quality of the shots!  The only photo editing program I have to resize images is paint, and that kills the quality.  If you want a full-size photo or a better quality photo, please be sure to ask!

My Proof: Pink Amigurumi Squid

Baby the Stars Shine BrighT    SOLD           
Pink with Offwhite lace longsleeve pullover/cutsew (I could not find the actual name)
30 USD / OBO (shipping to USA included, +5 USD international)

Condition: Good  -  Purchased Pre-owned, worn once by me for 5 minutes (in order to try it on)
Flat Measurements:
shoulder 13.5 inches  -  bust ~17 inches  -  waist ~16 inches  [stretches comfortably, could fit larger]
The ribbon is light pink satin, the buttons are flower shaped.
additional photos upon request

I recently purchased this second hand on ebay.  It has a worn feel, but still looks lovely and is comfortable.
However, there were a few unmentioned stains (most unnoticeable, such as inside the collar)
  • I have not tried to clean these, but it is possible they may come out.
  • close-ups, circled in red: inner collar 1 & 2, right shoulder  (I did not spot any others)
  • (The lace was wrinkled when it arrived, and I do not have the ability to fix it at this time.)
So please consider giving it a good home!

I will consider Trade/Partial-Trade for/Trade-Toward the following:
REFERENCE: my B/W/H is 34/29/38.5 inches (86.5/74/98 cm) Shoe size: US 8 (9.5 inches, ~24cm)

or other items that you think I might be interested in ^w^ (I like the look of Aatp and I love floral patterns)
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