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DS: Bluette Repost and Rococo Soul Headband

• I am shipping from Florida.
• I am accepting PayPal only.
• Please PM me for information regarding shipping fees. Fees will vary by your location based on zip code or country.
• Shipping fees will then be added to the original price of the item.
• I will only be able to ship on weekdays (Monday—Friday). Also, please give me five days to send the item, excluding Saturday and Sunday.
• Lost or damaged packages are not my responsibility.
• I do not own any pets and I live in a non-smoking household.
• Prices are in US dollars.


Rococo Soul Headband
Deep Red Color
Price: $18




New and has never been used, the tag is even still attached. It is very well made and you can compare the actual color of it to the red on my quilt.


Bluette Jumperskirt/ Innocent World





Original link:
Price: $165
Color: Light pink with beige lace
No damage, new with tags still attached.
Bust 85cm~98cm
Waist 64cm~81cm
Total length 94cm
Skirt length 56cm

The JSK has shirring and corset lacing. It has shirring and corset lacing in the back. I never used it and the tag is still attached. The color is more of a pale rose pink and you can see a more accurate picture of the color on the old sales post link.

I won't be able to answer comments as soon as I usually do, but if you wait until Friday, I can answer all comments! Thank you for looking!

Tags: !ds, color:pink, color:red, innocent world, item:hair accessory, item:jumperskirt
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