negrotesque ( baronessa_89) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS: Innocent World Classical Angel Tiered Skirt (plus-size friendly!)

* My feedback page:
*I ship from Montreal, Canada

*All items are in good condition unless stated otherwise; they will be cleaned and ironed before they are sent.

*I take between 3-5 days to ship but if you need the item express, contact me via PM :)

* I do not own any animals

*Priority goes to first buyer that leaves me a PM with their Paypal

* Only serious buyers please! I'm open to all questions~


Hello! I have very recently bought this skirt from a friend, but I received a new one as an early Christmas gift; it has only been worn once :)

Price: $70 CAD

There are two tiny stains on the front, there are hardly noticeable :) Here's the proof:

Thank you all! 

Tags: !ds, *plus size, color:brown, color:cream, innocent world, item:skirt
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