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!DT/DS : BTSSB Cherry Ribbon Set (off-white) + !WTB : A simple black headbow

Here are my conditions, please read them carefully before thinking of buying from me :
• I ship from France
• I give priority to EU buyers/traders/sellers (because the shipping fees are cheaper)
• I always ship via the shippest method by default (neither insurance and nor tracking), if you want a safer shipping method, it'll be more expensive (unless you ship my item with tracked/insured method, in the case of trade, I'll do the same for you ^^)
• I'm not responsible for lost packages
• The shipping fees (with the cheapest method) and PayPal fees ARE included in my prices
• Here's my wishlist for trade, it has two pages (but it's not exhaustive, feel free to show me anything similar) :
I... think that's it, but feel free to ask any question as long as you are seriously interested ♥ !
Also, here is my feedback page link :

DT/DS : Cherry Ribbon Sundress + headbow

Hellolace link :
Proof 1 : front, proof 2 : back, proof 3 : too big for me.
Reason for trade : The dress is way too big for me as you can see on my third pic. It REALLY saddens me to trade it, it was a dreamitem of mine, but I can't keep it if I can't wear it.
Information : The dress is in very good condition (tried on once), I found no flaws and it comes with waist ties and matching headbow. I'm NOT spliting the set. For the measurements, I would not recommend it to someone like me, bellow 85cm bust and 65cm waist (but the waist can be tightened with the ties, I guess). Since it has no shirring, I don't think it'll fit more than 92~3cm bust either.
Would like to trade for : Preferably a dreamitem, but feel free to show me anything Classic/Gothic. Otherwise it'll be 150€.


I'd like to buy a simple black headbow like the ones Baby make (but feel free to show me bows from any other brands).
I simply don't want a big eating headbow like the ones AP have.

^ Something like this would be perfect.

Thanks for reading ! Have a nice day ~ ♪ !
Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, baby the stars shine bright, item:hair accessory, item:onepiece
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