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DS: New Items! - Angelic Pretty,‭ ‬Chocomint, DreamV, H.Naoto‭ (‬H&A/Mint Neko‭)‬,‭ ‬Mania Q, Peace


-‭ ‬No trades please‭!
-‭ ‬Payment is Paypal only

~[‬Best Offers‭/Holds]~
-‭ ‬I also can do payment plan for items however I demand a‭ ‬20%‭ ‬non-refundable deposit first then I‭ ‬will hold your item.
-‭ ‬I am willing to negotiate down to‭ "‬reasonable prices‭"‬.‭ ‬Just most of them.
-‭ ‬But I if accept your offer for a lower price for the item I will be giving exactly three days‭ (‬from my comment approval response of the lower price you offer‭) ‬to see if somebody can offer a bit more than what you are bargaining,‭ ‬but if someone offers full price that I am asking for then the item is going straight to them.‭ ‬But if no one offers anything higher or paying full price after three days,‭ ‬then I will‭ ‬comment the acceptance of your price you're offering.
- I cannot give you the item to pick up or send the item to you unless you have paid in full of the item.
‬-‭ ‬I have every right to refuse your lower offer‭ ‬if someone else within‭ ‬3‭ ‬days is willing‭ ‬to pay more for the item that I am asking for.‭

-‭ ‬Sorry no pick-up.
-‭ ‬The price of the all items already includes the‭ <‬b>item,‭ ‬shipping (First Class),‭ ‬and paypal fees‭<‬/b‭>‬.‭
-‭ ‬I also ship international‭ (‬except Mexico and Italy‭)‬.
-‭ ‬I am not responsible for any items lost or damages of the item once the item is shipped.

-‭ ‬If you need any size measurements,‭ ‬more pictures of the items,‭ ‬other questions,‭ ‬etc.‭ ‬then tell me.‭ ‬I‭ ‬am happy to answer them the best I can.
-‭ ‬I own a cat and living in a very dusty basement it gets on my clothes very easily.‭ I will do to the best of my abilities to get as much fur and dust off of‭ ‬the clothes before I ship it to you.

-‭ ‬No returns or exchanges‭ (‬all sales are final‭)
-‭ ‬First person to leave me their Paypal address on comment/PM first gets the item‭ (‬including if you choose to do personal payment‭)‬.‭ ‬If you do end up leaving your Paypal address in the comments,‭ ‬I will screen it‭!
-‭ ‬By leaving your Paypal address that means you have accepted these all these terms above,‭ ‬read it all,‭ ‬and acknowledge all the rules above or else I have a right to revoke your deal/offer.

Feedback:‭ ‬


Angelic PrettyxCreamy Mami Parka (lavendar)

Chocomint Mint Bow

Originally bought: $20
Price: USA $15 / International: $20
Condition: Brand new with no tags
Description: It is brand new and no flaws, but I realized this was too big and fat for my in my opinion and as much as I LOVE mint I have to let it go since I can't find any use for it. It includes an alligator clip at the back to wear it on your hair and a pin to wear it as a brooch.

DreamV Dress (mint)

H.Naoto Hangry & Angry Bracelet (Hangry, no charm)

Price: USA $7 / International: $11
Condition: Excellent condition
Description: I have worn it very gently about 3 times, but I did not really enjoy it. Actually there are no flaws through what I can see in my eyes. It looks exactly like when I purchased it at the H.Naoto SF store. There is no charm unfortunately and it was an Hangry charm that was originally on it, but unfortunately it fell off when I wore it outside and never found it.

‭H.Naoto Sixth. Mint Necklace

Originally bought: $35
Price: USA $21 / International: $24
Condition: Excellent condition
Description: I've worn it about 5 times. It is excellent condition. The only very minor flaws I would see is some very light surface scratch on the back of the cat necklace that says "Sixth".

‭H.Naoto Mint Neko Green Scarf

‭Mania Q Petticoat (purple)

‭Peace Now Skirt


Length: 15in + 2.5 mesh
‭Waist: 26in
Originally bought: $140
‭Price: USA $75 / International: $80
‭Condition: brand new with tags
‭Description: I just really need the money and right now as much as it pains me to rid this skirt for the price that someone pays for I will be happy to give it away then. It is brand new and have only worn to try it on.

Putumayo Blouse (whitexwhite)


Bust: 34in
Shoulder: 14.7in
Sleeve length: 22.5in
Collar (including lace): 2.8in
Originally bought: $125
Price: USA $45 / International $50
Condition: Excellent condition
Description: The item is very winkly as you noticed in the photo, but there are definitely no flaws from what I seen. I've worn it 3 times.

‭Thank you for looking‭! ^^
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, chocomint, color:black, color:green, color:pink, color:purple, color:white, h.naoto, item:accessory, item:hoodie/parka, item:innerwear, item:skirt, peace now, putumayo
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