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DS: Handmade Cookie Hat, Hair Accessory, Long Sleeved White Blouse & Hair Falls

♥ I am located in Toronto, Canada
♥ I am not responsible for lost/stolen packages or packages that have been damaged in transit. I will provide the buyer with proof of shipment and the customs declaration form, if requested.
♥ Shipping is not included in the price unless otherwise stated. Even if shipping is included please note that tracking is not. If you require tracked shipping, it will need to be requested and it will cost extra. Please also note that tracked mail from Canada can be rather expensive, especially overseas.
♥ I cannot be held responsible as the seller if the package is lost by the mail. If you want to prevent yourself from this potential loss (I know I've had that grievous moment where my package never came in the mail, just recently) you must consider the extra price of tracking or insurance, to cover yourself.
♥ Items come from a house with two little kittens, but are always stored carefully to prevent contact.
♥ First to leave their PP address gets priority!


Today I'm selling some handmade stuff, as well as a hair falls set!

Cookie Mini-hat, made by Pinkly Ever After - $30 + shipping
Worn once, excellent condition and immaculate handiwork.

Ribbon Pearl Head Accessory, Collaboratively made by myself and Alice Dear Arts - $30 + shipping
The resin charm by Alice dear is exceptionally beautiful, and the hair accessory looks great worn with white, pink, and lavender outfits.

Long Sleeved Blouse by Wondertropolis - $50 + shipping SOLD
Never worn brand new, fits a 93 bust 76 waist. Perfect for sweet, classic, and gothic looks.

Twin Tail Falls and Bangs Set
I cannot say enough good things about these. Super cute and incredibly soft. Worn a few times, but still in stellar condition. They fasten into and tie over your real hair pigtails.

Here's a picture of them worn along with the bangs I am including in the set!
Some of the hair has been clipped up for this style.

Please feel free to ask any questions!

I am also selling a Sugary Carnival Black OP Here
It can come with its matching black headbow for extra. ♥

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