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!DS: Cheap Alice and the Pirates Corset Skirt!

EGL Feedback:

Hey guys! I'm unfortunately running out of money and would like to have some to spend for the next two months. This was my first piece of brand that I bought on my own, but I am unfortunately not in love with it anymore.

For sale is a Lucky Pack corset skirt from Alice and the Pirates. Apparently it can fit up to a 110cm according to AATP! I wore this a few times and never washed it. It still looks almost new.


Worn Picture.

I'm asking $80 + priority shipping (around $6 in the US) for it! I'd really like to only ship to the US, but I'm also willing to ship Internationally to the buyer's expense!

First to PM me their paypal gets priority.
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, item:skirt
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