Cand!e St★r (moreobscurity) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Cand!e St★r

WTB: White bonnet & black/white JSK

♥ Feedback:

Today I would like to buy:

1) White "sloppy" bonnet. Not that kind of hard one, but that kinda that looks like a baby hat a little.
Example image:
Momoko train
Does NOT have to be this exact bonnet, I will look at anything that fits the description. 

2) Black and white JSK.
Example image:

Does not have to be this one exactly (although this exact dress is number one), but I will look at other models, brands, high quality hand made and so on. I will also look at damaged and much worn pieces. But I'm not interested in replicas. 

I live in Finland, so calculate shipping cost accordingly please.

Thank you and I hope I can find these ^^

Tags: !wtb, any brand, item:hair accessory, item:jumperskirt
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