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DS! Baby The Stars Shine Bright~ Mary in the Sky with Candies OP for sale!

Mary in the Sky with Candies OP for sale! - SOLD!

I accept payment by paypal (fees included in price) or bank transfer if located in New Zealand
Shipping included in the price and paypal fees are also included. 
Item goes to the first person to leave their paypal address
Items are not my responsibility once they have left me, postage without tracking or insurance at buyers risk 
Not currently interested in trades :)
feel free to make an offer! 

Mary in the Sky with Candies OP! - $130 USD Shipped worldwide 

Bought second hand from a friend and is in good used condition however there are some faults which will be pictured below. 
There are some pink stains under the arms from when it was worn with a pink bolero and also on the ribbon of the corset lacing. This was very difficult to photograph and not very noticeable when worn in person. There is also a general sense of having been worn though the lace is still in good condition. Measurements as per Hello Lace 
92cm length, 92cm bust, 74cm waist. However please note that my measurements are 100cm bust and 85cm waist and I wore this with the corset lacing quite loose or without it at all. 








Close up of pink staining on closet lacing 


Closet up of pink staining on corset lacing 


Close up of pink staining underarms 


Worn picture

Please feel free to ask questions or negotiate price :)

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, color:cream, color:pink, item:onepiece
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