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!DS/!DT - Closet Cleaning

-Here is my feedback.
-I ship from the US.
-All packages shipped with insurance and tracking, NO EXCEPTIONS. Leave your country and zip and I will provide a shipping quote.
-I do not smoke but I have a cat. I will inspect all items for cat hairs before shipping but if you have a sensitivity, please buy at your own risk. Thank you for your understanding.
-I'll ship within 48 hours of payment clearing to my account, not including Sundays or postal holidays.

-Serious inquiry only.
-First to PM me with email address and pay invoice gets item. I am willing/able to use paypal or amazon payments. Any invoices I send will be from an email looking like fea*******@gmail.com please do not pay any invoices for these items from any other email. Please let me know your preference in your PM. If you want to do amazon payments, PM me and I'll tell you my email to send the money.
-I reserve the right to decline a sale for any reason, including but not limited to lack of feedback or poor feedback. If you want to hasten a sale, I suggest you comment/message me your feedback link as well as your paypal/payment information.

Trade Rules:
So, I'm cool with trades, but be forewarned that I am going to be asking for a lot of personal information, which I shall reciprocate, to ensure that both you and I are comfortable and secure. Information which I'm going to ask for before agreeing to a trade:
- Your feedback link, regardless of whether there is any feedback there or not.
- Your paypal address.
- Your full name.
- Your address.
- Your phone number, which shall only be used to confirm identity.
- Your facebook link, if you have one, and I'll request that you friend me for the duration of the trade until both of us have received our items.

Please understand that I have the utmost respect for the privacy of others, and I will not use or abuse the privlege of this information, just as I expect to be treated. I know this sounds like I'm asking a lot in exchange for a trade, but I think that in light of recent events and many horror stories of trades gone bad, that this is reasonable for the safety and security of both parties. If you disagree, then you have the right to decline a trade with me as well.

Proof that these are my photos:

Meta PinkxWhite Special Set Musical Note Embroidery JSK - $110 + shipping

I bought this secondhand from MBOK. There is a small pen stain on the skirt, pictured below, which I haven't tried to remove. This is an older piece so there is a little fading/wear on the bow and waist band, but it's barely noticeable. I've photographed it to the best of my ability below. The pink bow and waist ties are detachable.
Lolibrary Entry (If the link doesn't work it's because I only just added the entry for it.)
Little pen spot, it's near the bottom
Little yellow spot which was on it when I got it, dry cleaners couldn't get it out.
Fit Information: There's shirring in the back, but because of the buttons on the bust, I don't recommend this for people with a bust above 35", lest ye fall prey to the fabled boob loaf! Since it's an empire waist, the waist is pretty free. This dress also looks really cute with no petti under it as a casual sundress and looks really cute with the mint or purple bolero listed below!
Recommended measurements
Bust: Up to about 35"
Waist: Free

SoldAlice and the Pirates Victorian Cards JSK I with Matching Canotier Green Colorway - $200 + shipping

This is my dream print, but I was able to get JSK II which is my preferred cut in another colorway so I am selling this set! I bought this secondhand from MBOK. As far as I can see there is no damages. I never wore it, only tried on once or twice for a few minutes.
Lolibrary Entry
Fit: This dress ain't got NO SHIRRING - it's another that doesn't fully zip on my dressform. Therefore the measurements are pretty much what they are.
Recommended measurements
Bust: 32"-34"
Waist: 27" to 30"

Payment Pending/Payment Plan in ProgressEmily Temple Cute OP, Pink with Gold accents- $110 + shipping

Cute dress, great for wearing casually.
Fit: This dress has NO SHIRRING or give AT ALL so the measurements are what they are.
Recommended measurements. Another empire-waisted dress so the waist measurement is pretty free.
Bust: 33" to 36"
Waist: Free

Payment Pending/Payment Plan in ProgressInnocent World Saunier JSK in Chocolat - $150 + shipping

Nice basic JSK for casual wear, very comfortable. Possibly better for someone with a smaller bust.
Hellolace Entry
Recommended measurements
Bust: 30" to 35"
Waist: 26" to 31"

Sold Innocent World Camille Skirt in Brown- $100 + shipping
I am way too f%#&%ing fat for this lol. It doesn't even zip up on my size 6 dressform. I bet it looks awesome on people who it fits on, it's a really sweet design, but unfortunately that does not seem to be me.
Lolibrary Entry
Fit: There is technically shirring and corset lacing on this skirt but trust me when I say you want to be at or below the listed measurements.
Recommended measurements
Waist: 24" to 27"

SOLDOff Brand Mint Bolero $20 + shipping
Really cute and versatile, but I don't wear it as often as I'd like so it's got to go!
Recommended measurements
Bust: 33" to 36"

Off Brand Lavender Bolero $20 + shipping

Really cute and versatile, but I don't wear it as often as I'd like so it's got to go!
Recommended measurements
Bust: 33" to 36"
Bust: 35" to 38"
Waist: 28" to 31"

Jane Marple Knit Vest- $40 + shipping

Really cute but I don't wear as often as I'd like so it's got to go! Might be a little short if you have a larger bust, but that just means it won't droop or sit too low over a skirt!
Side view
Recommended measurements
Bust: 33" to 36"

BTSSB Glittery Transparent Logo Earrings - $30+ shipping

These earrings are quite lovely, for pierced ears. My favorite part about them is that the posts are also the same plastic material so if you have sensitive ears/metal allergies, these won't give you a reaction! Only tried on once and cleaned.

BTSSBxGloomy Bear Collaboration Knee Socks - $30+shipping

I don't really do knee socks. These are pretty awesome though, Gloomy has some cake. Tasty!

Miz Mooz Beige Ankara Shoes - $30+ shipping

I've got a VERY rigid sole. These will probably be very nice for someone who has weak arches or doesn't walk weird like I do. They come with a spare set of heel caps so they will last a very long time! They were listed as "Ice" color on the website, which I took to mean a white or off-white but they are more beige.
Worn Bottoms

Off-brand White Shoes - $15+ shipping

Plain white shoes, ended up getting something else that worked better. Never worn, they've got this nice cushy insole so they will be very comfortable!

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