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DS! ETC, MILK, Jane Marple, Swimmer, Metamorphose, Shirley Temple...

My egl feedback page
*Prices are in euro
*Offers are also welcome!
*Priority goes to the buyer who sends Paypal address first
*I am not so interested in trades. If you still want to offer, please bear in mind that I do not wear lolita, only otome. The brands I am interested in are MILK and ETC, sometimes also Jane Marple and Shirley Temple. 
*Paypal only
*Prices include Paypal fees but not shipping
*I only ship to the address on Paypal
*Shipping prices given in the sales post are priority mail without tracking. I can also send with tracking but it will cost 5-10 euros extra. Shipping in economy class is also possible and a little bit cheaper, but the shipping time will be longer.
*In case the shipping is less than I have estimated, I will refund the extra cost.
*In general I expect payment within 48 hours, but payment plans are also negotiable.
*I do my best to ship all parcels within 4 weekdays from receiving the payment. However, I cannot guarantee this at all times, but I'll keep the buyer informed if there are any delays.
*I can combine shipping. Sometimes combined shipping is a little bit cheaper, so please tell me the items you are interested in and I'll check the cost.
*I have a dog and although I clean all clothes the best I can before shipping, some hair might still tag along. Please take this into consideration if you are allergic.
*I pack all items as well as possible, but I do not take responsibility for damage during shipping.
*I do my best to get as good measures as possible. However, there is always some room for error, so I do not take responsibility if the item does not fit.
*Also please note that the actual colours may be slightly different than on your screen.

I'll try to describe problems as well as I can. Also If there are any problems with the item, I'll try to add as good pics as possible. However, I'll also use the following rating, because there is always a possibility that I might miss something small.
5 = brand new, only tried on, with or without tags
4 = slightly worn but still mint
3 = small problem(s), worn
2 = problems
1 = bad

If you have any questions, please ask!!!
Thanks for looking!


MILK: Alphabet -jsk 58 eur + shipping (10 eur to Europe/ 16 to elsewhere)
Black and white dress from MILK with alphabet and bunny -print. The shoulder straps are adjustable. The dress is fully lined. The hem is a-lined and quite wide, so it is possible to fit a petticoat under.
Condition rating: 4
Bust approx. 86 cm
Length 87 cm (can be shortened a bit by changing the length of shoulder straps)

MILK: lavender dress with flowers and butterflies 48 eur + shipping (10 eur to Europe/ 16 to elsewhere)
Cotton dress fully lined with polyester satin. Loose cut, can be worn with petticoat. Comes with a thin belt.
The condition is very good. The only problem with the dress is that one of the plastic butterflies at the ends of the belt is damaged. Also I have shortened the hem a little (5 cm), but I have not cut any fabric away, so the dress can be easily returned to it's original length (I can do this before shipping if asked). Condition rating: 3/4
bust 96 cm
length 91 cm (+ 5 cm)

Emily Temple Cute: polka dot dress 43 eur + shipping (10 to Europe/ 16 to other)
ETC dress with black lining and black/white polka dot mesh on top. Please see the pictures for details.
Condition rating: 4
bust: 85 cm
length: 88 cm


Emily Temple Cute: Parfait skirt with pockets 43 eur + shipping (10 eur to Europe/ 16 to elsewhere) 
Black cotton skirt with white embroidery. There are pockets on the skirt with white cotton lace and black ribbons. There is lace at the hem as well. The back of the waist has been strtchy at some point, but the rubber band has come loose at one end or lost strech. I don't think this is a problem, but the rubber band could also be replaced easily with a new one.
Condition rating: 3
Waist: 71 cm
Length 50 cm

Emily Temple Cute: Parfait skirt printed 43 eur + shipping (3 eur to Europe/ 7 to elsewhere) 
Black cotton skirt with ivory parfait print. There are two frills in the hem and satin ribbon lacing on both sides. Ribbons can be removed althogether or they can be used to adjust the width of the skirt. Material is cotton and there is also a cotton lining. Condition is good, not any real problems, but the skirt has been worn quite a few times.
Condition rating: 3/4
Waist: 64 cm
Hip max 100 cm
Length 52 cm

Emily Temple Cute: Trumps skirt 43 eur + shipping (10 eur to Europe/ 16 to elsewhere)
Purple trumps-print skirt. The waist is stretchy and the skirt is lined. Material is wool blend.
Condition rating: 4
Waist 60-78 cm (streches more, but I can't guarantee that the skirt will feel comfortable)
Hip max. 103 cm
Length 55 cm

Shirley Temple: Blue cake print skirt: 30 eur + shipping (10 eur to Europe/ 16 eur elsewhere)
ST skirt with stretchy waist (no zipper) and white cotton lace in the hem. There is also a pocket on the other side of the skirt. Size is 160 cm. 
Condition rating: 4
Waist 60-75 cm (stretches more, but may not be comfortable)
Hip max. 107 cm
Length 50 cm

Emily Temple Cute: black/silver frill skirt 20 eur + shipping (10 eur to Europe/ 16 eur elsewhere)
Black ETC skirt made of thick cotton. There is a ribbon on the front and three frills at the hem. The bottom frill is covered with dotted chiffon. The lace used on hem ect. is silver colour. The skirt has been used a lot, so the fabric has slightly faded.
Condition rating 3
Waist 68 cm
Length 44 cm

MILK: Lady Poodle skirt lavender 18 eur + shipping (10 to Europe/ 16 to elsewhere)
Short skirt made of wool blend knit, fully lined. The colour is warm slightly pinkish lavender.
The waist is stretchy.
There are a few small light brownish stains in the hem of the skirt, only visible when looked carefully. Their size is very small as can be seen from the pics below.
Condition rating 2/3
waist 64-78 cm (streches more, but won't probably be comfortable)
length 45 cm

Emily Temple Cute: Black layered skirt 15 eur + shipping (10 to Europe/ 16 to elsewhere)
Black a-lined skirt with multiple layers. Buttons and zipper on the side. The skirt is fully lined and there is some tulle in the hem.
Condition rating: 3
waist 68 cm
length 50 cm

Jane Marple: Black cutsew with gingham/lace collar 20 eur + shipping (3 eur to Europe/ 7 eur elsewhere)
Black JM cutsew with puffy sleeves and black/white gingham and lace collar. There is a short zipper in the back to ease dressing up. There is some minimal pilling on the surface.
Condition rating: 3/4
Bust 78-88 cm
Waist 70-80 cm
Length 52 cm

Emily Temple Cute: cream cutsew with lace 7 eur + shipping (3 to Europe/ 7 to elsewhere)
Striped cutsew in cream colour. The stripes contain tree colours: grey, black and pink. There is lace and ribbon details on the collar.
Some pilling in the armpits. The tips of the lace on the collar and front are a bit yellowish at some places. Please see the picture below.
Condition rating: 3
Bust 82-92 cm
waist 74-84 cm
length from shoulder: 49 cm (the hem is cut slightly round)


Metamorphose poodle knee socks 15 eur + shipping (2 eur to Europe/ 4 eur elsewhere)
Offwhite knee high socks with black poodle embroidery.
Condition rating: 5 (new with tags)

Swimmer music notes shoulder bag 15 eur + shipping (3 eur to Europe/ 7 eur elsewhere)
Heart shaped shoulder bag by Swimmer. The colours are ivory and black. The shoulder strap can be removed entirely and its length is adjustable.There is also a small removable heart charm/strap attached to the bag.
There is some dark staining/colouring on the bag (see pic above). It isn't very visible from longer distance as you can see from the first pic. I haven't tried removing the stains. The material is coated fabric, so with right chemicals it might be possible to remove the spots. Otherwise the condition is mint.
Condition rating: 3

Emily Temple Cute accessory bag 10 eur + shipping (6 eur to Europe/ 9 eur to elsewhere)
Black bag (approx. 14 cm x 14 cm x 5 cm) with  the following accessories inside:
-children's mirror (mirror part is a sticker I think, so it is not the best possible mirror to use)
-children's comb (not very sturdy)
-4 apple stickers
-4 bear stickers
-2 bracelets (pink and purple)
-blue necklace
-7 rings
Condition rating: 5

Tags: !ds, color:black, color:blue, color:cream, color:purple, color:white, emily temple cute, item:accessory, item:bag, item:cutsew, item:jumperskirt, item:legwear, item:miniskirt, item:novelty, item:onepiece, item:skirt, jane marple, metamorphose, milk, shirley temple, swimmer
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