cinnabunnylol (cinnabunnylol) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB! pink shoes US size 4, and otks

Will pay by paypal!

For the shoes my feet measure 21cm, I usually take a US size 3.5 but often wear a 4 because that's all I can find.  I am open to shoes size 22cm, and china size 34.  I'm looking for pink shoes with a short to medium heel and a pointed toe, NO rounded toe please!

Similar to this:
can be offbrand, kids size shoes whatever as long as they're pink, have bows, and are pointed!

I am looking for one pair of otks that are sailor style with navy/blue and pink, I know there really aren't a lot of sailor socks with navy and pink, so as a secondary option I will consider socks that are navy and white and have a simple bow design or dots if I can't find the right sailor ones.  

Tags: !wtb, item:legwear, item:shoes
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