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DS: Reduced items plus new Peace Now bag, brand shopping bags

Terms of Sale

  • My feedback is located here
  • First to leave paypal address and location (country) has priority! This includes private messages.
  • Forms of payment other than paypal may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
  • All prices are OBO and I want this stuff gone, so feel free to haggle!
  • Invoices must be paid within 48 hours or I will leave neutral feedback. I can do holds for some items on a case-by-case basis, but I require a non-refundable deposit.
  • All prices include all fees and tracked domestic shipping within the US. For international shipping estimates, please ask and I'll get back to you ASAP. I take no responsibility for postal damage or loss unless you request insurance.
  • Local pickup from the San Francisco Bay Area can potentially be arranged if you would like to save on shipping. Local pickup from Sacramento/Yolo/Solano tri-county area can definitely be arranged.
  • I do live with three cats, none of which are allowed in my closet. I will check and lint roll everything copiously before sending it out, but please be aware in case you have allergies.
  • My mannequin from space measures B 35"/89cm and W 27"/68.5cm. If you would like additional measurements of any item, please let me know.
  • If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask!

Banana Fish French Cat T-shirt - Sold, thanks!

Bought this off of mbok, wore it a few times.
Would not recommend much more than 35" bust since the design starts to get stretched out

Emily Temple Cute cardigan - $50 shipped
Emily Temple Cute Cardigan - $55 shipped

Bought new w/o tags off mbok, only tried on

Kidsyoyo JSK - $40 shipped
Kidsyoyo Mary Magdalene replica JSK - $40 shipped

Measurements: B 32" (couldn't zip it up all the way on my mannequin)
W 26" (with removable waist ties)
L 46" (from top of straps (6") to bottom hem)
A decent quality JSK, made out of a nice crepe-like textured fabric. It's lined, but there's a few slightly exposed seams,  so I'd give it a 4/5 quality wise. Bought this recently off the comm sales, but it's a little long for my taste.

Miho Matsuda balloon shorts - Sold, thanks!
Measurements: W 27"~ (can go much smaller due to front buckles and back corset lacing)
Bought used off of closet child, worn once.

Jane Marple wrap skirt - $50 shipped
Jane Marple wrap skirt - $55 shipped
A really unique piece from Jane Marple!
It's a dark navy blue wrap skirt that fastens with a bronze kilt pin, so it's basically just a long piece of fabric.
If you check out the "Back" picture you can get a better idea.
It's got offset eyelet lace applique and a blue and white striped lining.
The fabric is pretty substantial, so it holds a flared shape without a petticoat.
I've worn it several times, so keep in mind it has a few pinholes from the kilt pin.

Yosuke Black Rose Corsage Rocking Horse Shoes - Sold, thanks!
Brand new, only ever tried on!
Soles are real wood and shoe is synthetic materials.
Rose corsages are detachable and can be worn on other shoes or locations as well!
Size L/24.5/US 8/EU 39
Proof of ownership:

Algonquins Corduroy Coatdress - $45 shipped
Purchased used, good condition!
Width: 36in
Length: 33.5in
Sleeve: 21in

Peace Now Black Shorts - $30 shipped
New with tags!
Waist: 30"
Hips: 38"
Rise: 9.5"
Length: 19"

Shorts alone:
Back of Shorts:

Peace Now Vinyl Bag  - $50 shipped

Peace Now Vinyl Bag - $50 shipped
Design Close-up, Pink Smudge

New-ish with tags, has some smudges on it from storage. The bag is see-through vinyl with a metallic design printed on it, with a separate drawstring polka dot cloth pouch inside. It measures about 17"W by 15"L

Baby Novelties

AatP Horoscope Postcard - $4 shipped (it's slightly bent)
Baby 2009 Catalog - Sold, thanks!

Brand Shopping Bags

Various Bags
I will throw one or two of these in with another purchase, otherwise here are approx. prices (again OBO, so feel free to haggle!). Some of these are in less than top condition, so I've marked it out of 3, 3 being pretty much pristine and 1 being pretty beat up, but still very usable and nice-looking from far away.
Starting from top left:
16"x12" Baby Paper Bag (Condition 3/3) - CLAIMED
19"x21" Baby Plastic Bag (1.5/3) - $2
2 16"x13" AatP Paper Bags (3/3) - $5 each
MMM 18"x14" Plastic Bag (2/3) - $5
h. naoto hEAVEN 19"x18" Plastic bag (2.5/3) - $5
2 AatP 19"x20" Plastic Bags (2/3) - $3 each
Innocent World 12"x16" Plastic Bag (2.5/3) - $3
ETC 15"x16" Plastic Bag (2.5/3) - $5
Peace Now 14"x12" Plastic Bag (1/3) - $1
2 Putomayo 15"x20" Drawstring Shoulder Plastic Bags (1.5/3) - $3 each
2 Mary Magdalene 25"x20" Plastic Bags (no handles!) (2.5/3) - $5 each

Thanks for looking!

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