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I'I'm moving next wednesday, i want everything gone until than, acepting offers!

Metamorphose Lace Blouse

Condition: used but flawless

description: it is a gorgeous blouse from metamorphose that is perfect for gothic and aristocrat styles, it is kind of tight in the arms so i don't recomend to people with large arm circunferences! I bought it because i already had a white one and loved it but this one is smaller for some reason...

measurements: bust - max 100cm ; waist - max 90cm (will fit a bit bigger but really don't reccomend) it will fit very small persons  too, my friend tried it and it was great on her, and she is really small XD the problem is the arm circunference it measures 25 cm in the largest part, it won't fit if you are larger than that

price: 60€ + shipping 

Metamorphose off-white Shoes

photo2 photo3
in the box

Condition: Worn very litle, the "Crown Label" marking inside is faded (as seen in "photo2") there are some marks in the inside on the fron (pictured on "photo3"), other that that they are perfect and still in the original box (see "in the box" picture)

Description: I bought them second hand used for a few hours, mostly sited almost did no walking since these are huge in me ;_; i bought size L hoping it would be ok since baby's L is a bit big but confortable for me, but these are WAY to big for me! but i really need a new cream low heel shoes so i'm open to trades.... note that these are the most confortable brand shoes i ever had my feet on

Size: L. 25,7cm inside

Price: 75€ - 20%! - 60€ + shipping

Atelier BOZ nun JSK

link lolilibrary

Condition: used very litle, in good state, no rips or faws of whatsoever

Measurements: max waist 78cm, max bust 90cm , length 133cm - can be reduced up to 15cm due to lace up on the back

Price: 150€ 

Retroscope Skirt

link from the store

Condition: Used 3 ou 4 times, no stains ou rips of whatsoever

Measurements: max waist 90 cm, can go up to 15 cm smaller due to lacing on the back,  107 cm long

Price: 60€ 

Fairy Night Fantasia Set  AatP

headbow ; socks

Condition: bought new from reservation, used once for a photoshoot, basicly new without tags

Measurements: max waist 79cm, min 68; max bust 91 cm, min 80

Price: 320€ + shipping - this is the ony item that i am not wiling to negociate on, if no one pays this price i rather just keep it as a coectible (it does not fit me in the bust)

black knee highs btssb

Condition : VERY used

Price: 5€

IW black otk's with pink flowers

Conditon: new without tags

Description: I bought them as grey but they are clearly pink (a pale pink but still) and i don't use pink.

Price: 20€ - 20% - 16€ + shipping (2€ for airmail in the EU and 3€ to the rest of the world) / trade with some actualy grey socks  with flowers :P

Demonia Dolly (shoes platform ones on the left)


Condition: i wore them quite a lot, took them to a shoe repairer, ther got new soles and were poslished , they still have a lot of life left and are great lolita shoes, i just now have others i like more!

size: 37EU (23,5cm inside)

Price: 20€ + shiping OBO 

Sales conditions:
- I'm selling to the frist one leaving they're paypal addres and able to pay
- Take up to 4 usefull days to ship, but i'm ususally fast
- Shipping is not included
- I have cats 
- i acept payments with paypal and european bank tranfer
- i ship both normal and tracked but it's up to the buyer to choose and i don't take responsability after it leaves my hands.
- i may be open to trades for items in cassic style, but sale is a priority
- i will only trade with persons with more than +5 feedback, otherwise i request the person to ship and give me the tracking before i do.

I have positive feedback here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/448180.html +52
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