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DS! Angelic Pretty Wonder Story, Sugar Pansy, Shirley Temple, Mary Magdalene, GLW, IW, Btssb + more!

Terms of Sale

Pricing and Payment

  • Buyers who leave their paypal address/or state "I will buy..." will get the sale
  • Payment must be made via paypal within 3 hours of invoicing. No e-cheques. (Direct bank deposit accepted from Australian buyers)
  • Prices are in US dollars 
  • I do not accept payment plans, trade or returns under any circumstance.
  • I will not charge for paypal fees
  • All items are discounted from the pre-shipping price I paid for them


  • I am not responsible for parcels that are lost in the mail.
  • Cost of shipping dresses: Australia - $10, USA - $35, Rest of World - ask :)
  • Cost of shipping smaller items: Australia - $5, USA - $25, Rest of World - ask :)


  • Feel free to contact me about flat measurements if you are serious about purchasing an item
  • Proof object is my wallpaper!

My feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1381638.html



(1) Angelic Pretty Sugar Pansy Skirt (yellow) + Headbow set - $270 SOLD
Condition: Both bought new from AP, skirt worn once for an hour, headbow not used
Measurements: 62~84cm waist, 45+3.5cm (lace) length http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/angelic-pretty/type/skirt/item/229/

SOLD!!(2) Angelic Pretty Wonder Story Collar Jsk and Headbow (Black) - $412 (comes with free pink GLW wig)
Condition: Bought new via SS. Worn Twice.
Measurements:  86cm + 3cm (lace) length, 91cm bust, 71cm waist http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/angelic-pretty/type/jsk/item/442/

Free wig (brand new, never worn)

(3) Shirley Temple Swans One Piece - $302

Condition: Bought new in Tokyo. Never worn. Tags still on.

Measurements: Size 150cm

SOLD(4) Mary Magdalene Jsk (Bordeaux) -$280

Condition: Bought new from website. Worn twice briefly. No stains or flaws.

Measurements: Partially shirred. http://www.marymagdalene.jp/contents/dress/232/0104/

  • Dress Length: 94cm (hem BNP ~)
  • Bust: 87cm rise Shearing (braided, adjustable shirring at about 10cm)
  • Waist: 64cm rise Shearing (braided, adjustable shirring at about 10cm) (72cm adjustable up in lace-up)

(5) DreamV Black blouse - $35

Condition: Bought new from Rakuten. Never worn.

Measurements: Size L  

(6) Gothic Lolita wigs/Rockstar wigs Rainbow - $40

Condition: Brand new from website. Never Worn.

Oddment Pack items (purchased new)

(7) Innocent World Felicia Crown Skirt Ivory - $160

Condition: Brand new. No visible flaws.

Measurements: ~50cm length, 58~73cm waist http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/innocent-world/type/skirt/item/91/

Second-Hand items

(8) Innocent World Viennese Waltz Jsk Pink - $230

Condition: No visible stains or flaws. Bought from Closet Child in Tokyo. Never worn by me.

Comment: I received the same Jsk in my oddments pack so I'd like to let this one go for the price I paid at closet child. 

Measurements: http://lolibrary.org/node/3894

  • Bust: 84.5~98cm
  • Waist: 64~81.5cm
  • Length:  Short: 93cm (Skirt: 55cm) / Long: 108cm (Skirt: 68cm) including 2cm of lace

(9) Baby the Stars Shine Bright Strawberry pink capelet - $100

Condition: Bought from Closet Child in Japan. Worn once.

Comment: It's beautiful but not my style anymore.

    Thanks for looking!     

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