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GO : "sleeping beauty" and "lolita bunny" group order for US

Feedback : http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1569288.html

Thank you for all your support Haenuli's new original prints "sleeping beauty" and "lolita bunny"

Sales info available here : http://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/19024789.html

Now We are open group order for US lolitas.

For group order, Haenuli will shipping all dresses to narfzz by EMS ONLY, and She will ship all the dresses separately.
(narfzz feedback :http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/184293.html )

How GO works
: roughly calculated as maximum fee. I'm pretty sure actual shipping fee will be lower than this
: didn't care if it's skirt, jsk or ops or not and did not include head accessories

If GO members are 5 people and order 5 different dresses
-> EMS fee $15 + priority medium flat $11.35 = $26.35

If Go members are 10 and order 10 dresses
-> EMS fee $11 + priority medium flat $11.35 = $22.35

If Go members are 15 order 15 dresses
-> EMS fee $10 + priority medium flat $11.35 = $21.35

If Go members are 20 order 20 dresses
-> EMS fee $8.5 + priority medium flat $11.35 = $19.85

* Skirt alone can fit flat rate faded envelope, it will save more money to domestic shipping fee $5.35!

GO will save you at least $10 for EMS shipping, as more people in it more you save!
your GO shipping price will be clear after dress is all made, narfzz will email you for domestic shipping fee when she gets dresses from haenuli

* for US domestic shipping fee you may have to pay paypal fee or gift her since she is middle man I don't want ask her to pay for extra fee.
* This GO may not available after 1st order

If you wish to join this GO when you fill the order form and send to email simply say you're in US GO
If you're in payment plan you may join in GO based on your payment plan and working schedule.

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