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!DS: Massive sales post: Reduced items BSSB, Meta, Bodyline + Anice Bakery July Limited edition!

Please, read first:
<3All my older posts are run by THESE rules, not the rules I wrote in older posts, since these are more current.
Shipping and Delivery:
<3I ship from Málaga, Spain (Europe)
<3I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages. That’s why I advise to pay registered shipping (which is more expensive). In any case I can't take responsabilty of the items unless you pay an insured mailing.
<3Shipping is not included unless specified (in that case, it will be regular shipping, please ask for insured or tracking) and the same with paypal fees (6%)
<3 I send the packages in 1-3 working days' time after receiving the payment.

Payment and Returns:
<3I accept only Paypal. I will only accept bank transfer if Spanish. If you need another payment method, tell me and we'll se if we can work it out.
<3Prices as listed, (in € euro) but I'll listen to reasonable offers.
<3Returns acepted and money back ONLY if reported the day you receive it and if you can prove you haven't damaged the item. Buyer pays return shipping.

Purchase and trades:
<3Priority goes to the highest offer. If there's no higher offer, first person who leaves paypal address is first in line for the item.
<3If you leave your Paypal and then you step back from your order, you'll be given negative feedback unless you specify it's not definitive.
<3If you're not interested in buying an item anymore, please let me know, it's impolite to me and to other buyers.
<3I reserve the right to refuse to sell to someone if necessary.
<3If I post a "given  away item" I'll add them to the package only if you ask for tracked shipping.
<3 A purchase will go over a trade, but in case you want to trade, please read this:

What I'm NOT looking for:
  -Too much lace, too much bows, too much ribbons.
  -Full shirred dresses
  -Big collars
  -not full enough skirts/dresses.
  -Dark brown clothes
  -Solid white dresses.
  -Items with gold accents
  -Clothes with fur parts
  -animals/toys/sweets prints.

Feedback and other details:
<3I’m from a smoke-free home. We have two dogs, but they can’t get into the house, so there’s nothing to be worried about ^^
<3I can always provide more pictures if you require.
<3If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask :3

<3By committing to buy you agree with these terms of sale.


Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Ekaterina JSK
from M to L size. Excellent condition, never worn. It's the most beautiful dress I've ever seen, but just doesn't suit me...
I'm asking 200 180 euro shipped OBO

Anna House Sweets and Cakes skirt.
Worn twice, excellent condition though
M size (it's fully shirred so can go smaller and bigger)
40   30euro

Bodyline Fruits Parlor Angelic Pretty Replica pink tote bag
Excellent condition, never worn 17 10 euro

Metamorphose Temps de Fille, Bear Patissier ivory skirt.
130 120 euro shipped
It's in excellent condition, except for a super-little-tiny-unnoticeable-almost-imperceptible discolouring, as seen in the 3rd pic (even if the previous owner told me it has this little mark, I spent like half an hour to find it).
The fabric is really soft and thick^^ It is full shirred so can fit various sizes.

Offbrand red cardigan
The tag says M size, but it's definitely from XS to S size.
Never worn by me.
10 euro shipped

Bodyline Red dress
excellent condition, worn 2-3 times.
It was SO long that my friend altered it as you can see in the pics (she's a seamstress, so it's nicely done :3)
35 euro

Offbrand burgundy x white bustle skirt:
Excellent condition, never worn by me. If previous owner wore it, I can't really tell because it's like new.
They're actually two skirts, so you can wear the white one with anything else you want!
waist can go from 60 to 98 cm and length is 50cm
45 40 euro shipped (for tracking add 5)

Offbrand casual skirt:
Never worn, excellent condition, tag still atached!just needs an ironing ^^
light fabric great for summer, super unique print, very roomy!
Fits most sizes since it's fully shirred.
27 20 euro shipped
worn pictures 

Yellow x Pink pumps AP Milky Planet yellow colorway inspired.SOLD
worn a few times
size 38 (24 cm)

Offbrand UTK socks: SOLD
One of them has a little rip, otherwise excellent condition

you can see the little rip between the second and the third heart in the second line

Bodyline L364 skirt in pink  SOLD

Excellent condition, never worn

GiveAway items: 
I want to get rid of some stuff by giving them away.

Offbrand ribbons and hearts whitexpink socks
they're in worn condition, and they're stained at the bottom because of the shoe soles, and they've been washed too. 

blue polka dots bow.
You can sew a clip to it or maybe pass a headband through it!

Everything made by Anice Bakery is 100% handmade

AniceBakery princess-y pink floral JSK, Brand New
Removible belt, back shirring
Bust: 82-92 cm
stock: 1
price 32 euro



AniceBakery green x blue tartan print JSK, Brand New
Removible belt, back shirring
Bust: 72-95 cm
stock: 1
price 32 euro


AniceBakery  pink Spank inspired Stars Shoulder Bag Brand New
Stock: 1
7 euro 

AniceBakery  Brand New Black Roses tote bag
Stock: 1
6 euro

Thanks for looking!

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