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DS: AP Chess Chocolate, AP Miracle Candy, AATP Hymn, JM Music Note Skirt

My Feedback

Terms of Sale
- I only accept payment via PayPal at this time. I ship when payments clear.
- Prices include fees.
- I have noted US shipping prices. Ask for international shipping quotes or alternate shipping methods.
- I am open to trades where noted. Please be aware that I am VERY picky, though.
- I do accept lower offers. Please ask if you don't like my prices!
- I offer holds without deposits if you can pay in full in 5 days or less.
- I am open to payment plans if you cannot pay within 5 days. I prefer a 20% deposit up front and prefer the plan finishes within a month; however, I am willing to negotiate!
- I expect payment within 24 hours of my invoice, unless we have discussed a hold or payment plan in advance.
- Priority goes to the first person willing to pay full price. After that, I grant priority to the first person to send me their PayPal address. DO NOT POST YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL. SEND IT TO ME VIA PM.
- All items will be shipped within five business days (Monday-Friday) of receipt of payment.
- I'm selling these items because I rarely wear them, so again, I am very open to trades and offers.

Jane Marple Music Note Skirt in Pale Pink
$70 including priority shipping, delivery confirmation, and insurance for US customers
Inquire for international shipping

Waist: 26-28"
Length: 26"

I received this skirt in a trade a couple of months ago. While it's very cute, I have a ton of other music note-themed items, and a ton of pink-and-black prints. I just can't justify owning this one, as well.
Please note: The color was adjusted in the first photo to more accurately reflect the item's true shade. It's a very pale pink, identical in color to Angelic Pretty's Marionette Clock (I can provide a photo of the items side-by-side for comparison).

No trades on this item, please.

Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Bustier JSK in Pink TRADE PENDING
$335 including priority shipping, delivery confirmation, and insurance for US customers
Inquire for international shipping.

Tags, button, and fabric swatch // Pin holes
Stock photos and measurements at HelloLace

I bought this brand new from Angelic Pretty's website in January. I wore it once, for roughly an hour, over a blouse. As much as I love this dress, I'm extremely flat-chested and it just doesn't fit me correctly! I'm a 28" bust and would recommend this for a 30" bust or higher. I will include the tags, fabric swatch, and spare button. This dress is in fabulous condition, but it has a very minor flaw- a couple of small pin holes on the top of the bodice. I have gently cleaned the dress but made no attempt to remove them, since I can't really wear the piece.

Trades: I am very open to trading this piece. I would love to trade it for another AP print off my wishlist. I'd especially like to trade it for the Rose Toilette JSK or OP, the Sugar Fairy Cake OP set (dress, headdress, and cuffs), or partially trade it for the pink Chess Chocolate skirt.

Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy JSK and headbow
$215 including priority shipping, delivery confirmation, and insurance for US customers
Inquire for international shipping

Stock photos and measurements at HelloLace

I purchased this JSK from the sales community in NWOT condition last November, and have worn it once since. It is in perfect condition- no stains, rips, or signs of wear. While I really love the piece, I'm just not an over-the-top sweet kind of girl, and this dress is very ill-suited to any other style. This set includes the JSK, all removable parts (candy pin, stripe neck ties, waist ties), and the headbow. I also have a pair of replica socks that I can throw in for free if you're interested; however, they are in visibly worn condition so I'm not too sure anyone's interested XD

Trades: I would be very open to trading this item for sweet prints like Sugar Fairy Cake, but I'd rather sell.

Alice and the Pirates Hymn OP
$375 including shipping, delivery confirmation, and insurance for US buyers
Inquire for international shipping.

Stock photos and measurements at HelloLace

I purchased this onepiece directly from AATP's webshop and have worn it maybe 4 times in the two years since. I absolutely adore it, but I don't wear it often and therefore can't really justify keeping it around.

Trades: I would love to trade this for the JSK from this series in black or ivory (in order of preference), or for the Melty Mermaid Princess JSK in any color. I would also be open to trading it for other items from my wishlist or for general old-school items.

Again, I am extremely open to trades, holds, and payment plans as I would just like these pieces gone! Please don't hesitate to request a lower price or a payment plan. Additionally, if you'd like more photos or information, feel free to ask!
Tags: !ds, !dt, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, color:blue, color:cream, color:pink, item:hair accessory, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, item:skirt, jane marple
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