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!DS&GO:Merryberryjelly's spring new item Dear Clara OP

                                                               Hello again! Everyone!
Pre-orders for Merryberryjelly’s Dear Clara one-piece are open!
Before you order, please read over my post :) Thank you!
My feedback

-I accept Paypal and USD only.
-I have no pet and I don not smoke.
-I am not responsible for lost packages.
-Color can vary slightly from computer to computer.
- The dress-making period is about 2 weeks and possibly a little longer. So it isn’t fit for someone who want to get it promptly.

Size and Color

The dress comes in 3 sizes and 3 (maybe more?) colors. If the three colors above are not to your liking, don’t hesiteate to ask me for the others. I can carry it out as long as I have the fabric:)




Bust 94cm



-You can change your size and color choice within 3 days after you place the order.
About Price and Shipping

-$78 per piece including shipping by airmail (available for most of the Europe, North America, and Oceania countries. If you are living in other part of the world, or want to use other shipping method such as EMS, please ask me to adjust the price :)

During the last group order, a girl disappeared on me after her stuff was completed. And she hasn’t fulfilled her payment so far. To avoid this situation, I have to adopt following modes of payment from now on. You can choose either A or B.

Mode A. Send me $35 non-refunable for deposit after placing your order. After your dress is completed, I’ll invoice you the rest part of money.
Mode B. I sent you a full-price invoice after you place the order.

 You can get a $5 off discount if...

-You are Merryberryjelly’s old customer.
- Or reblog my post of this dress in my Tumblr.

To order please comment on the post with the following form
Name or LJ name:
Frequently used email:
Paypal Email:

Color: blue\ pink\green\others
Payment mode: A or B
feedback link:

 (I will screen your comment after receiving it)

Welcome to order and feel free to ask questions! Thanks!

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