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DS: Algonquins, HELLCATPUNKS, Bodyline, F+F, and more Offbrand Accessories & older sales

Please Read!!
*Shipping from New York, USA
  • *Prices are in US dollars
  • *Shipping is not included!
  • * I prefer US buyers and they get priority.
  • *First to leave Paypal gets the item.
  • *I will HOLD an item for 24 hrs MAX. If you can not pay within that time then the item goes to the next person in line.
  • *Ask me as many questions as you like!
  • *I am not responsible for any lost package after it has left my hands.
  • *Paypal only. Buyer is responsible for Paypal fees.
  • *All items are clean, as new or gently used unless otherwise stated.

*For those with allergies please note that I do own a cat, but I put everything in the dryer and lint roll them before shipping.

Feedback can be found here:

Lots of Accessories! Mostly black things ^ ^

1. Algonquins Longsleeved Cutsew  $24 + Shipping

+ Size  S/M
+ minor imperfection on front (and back, I received it this way)
+ pictured here:

2. Algonquins Arm Warms $25 + Shipping

+ NEW in packaging (tried on once)
+ these are very long!

3. Offbrand Black Cardigan $10 + Shipping 

+ Size XL
+ used lovingy, but still lovely

4. HELLCATPUNKS stud collar  $18 + Shipping

5. Bodyline Detachable Jabots (white / black) Both Sold

5. Bodyline Old School Headdress $12 + Shipping

6. New F+F Mini Top hat with bat rim $16 + Shipping

7. Offbrand Fascinator $8 + Shipping

8. New Offbrand Lace Gloves $8 + Shipping

9. Offbrand Satin & Buckle Headband 
10. Offbrand Hello Kitty Headband 
--- $5 ea. + Shipping ---

11. Lavender Sweet Set $6 + Shipping

+ includes Minty Mix deco ring
+ super soft lavender plush scrunchie

12. Offbrand Boots (Nine West) $20 + Shipping

+ a thrift store find
+ used, but still has a lot of life in them!

more photos here:

----- I'm selling the following for a friend! -----

13. An Tai Na Tea Party Shoes in Sax  $75 + Shipping

+ New in box, only tried on
+ size 42

14. An Tai Na Tea Party Shoes in Black $75 + Shipping

+ New in box, only tried on
+ size 42

I still have a F+F Plus Size Jsk Set available:

<a href=""</a>

Thanks :)

Currently: OFFLINE

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