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SS: Shopping Service Open

Hi everyone!

Per the mods request I am making an official post for my shopping service on the comm so that it can be linked back in feedback comments for all future shopping services.

My shopping service is located in Sendai, Japan, on the northern part of Japan's main island, and about 2 hours away from Tokyo by bullet train (so I cannot shop at Tokyo only stores, like Closet Child, sorry).

I have been doing this since around sometime in 2009 (I think, haha).  My fee is 5% of the item costs and 400 yen train fare, with the buyer also being responsible for their shipping costs and the costs of transferring the money between our accounts.  I offer reservations for Baby/AatP and Angelic Pretty at 10% of the item's cost because they require a lot more work, but all other brands remain at 5% for reservations.  I also offer shopping online (there may be extra fees).  I also do auctions for a flat 500 yen fee or 5%, whichever is greater.

My full (and rather lengthy, sorry!) shopping service rules can be found on my journal here and probably explain anything you could ever imagine, but please ask a question if you are not sure of something :). Please read them  before contacting me.

My feedback can be found here:

I really love to help lolitas from all over the world get their sought after items, and have met lots of cool people doing this.  I hope to help you if you ever need something from Japan.

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