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wtb: BPN/Peace Now, H.Naoto, Putumayo,Sex Pot Revenge...

i'm basically looking for punk/goth clothes from brands such as BPN/Peace Now, H.Naoto, Putumayo and Sex Pot Revenge but i might consider other brands as long as it's punk/goth clothes.

i'm interested on long sleeves, t-shirts, camisoles, vests, coats, jackets, skirts and pants (these last two items must have some sort of shirring though,i know some pieces from these brands that have).
for reference here's my measurements:
shoulders: 37cm
bust: 95cm
waist: 79cm
please show me what you have ^^

my feedback:community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/191669.html
thanks in advance
Tags: !wtb, a+lidel, algonquins, alice auaa, black peace now, h.naoto, peace now, putumayo, sex pot revenge, sexy dynamite london
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