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Okay, guys, this is a major change in community policy, but it’s become necessary so please bear with us.

Starting now, we will no longer allow sales posts to link to outside journals. All sales must be contained in an egl_comm_sales post. Also, starting now you must physically link to feedback instead of saying that it is “in your journal” or “on the database.” This makes it much easier for users (and us mods!) to access feedback instead of having to go look for it.

We’ve been linking to outside journals for years. Why are you changing the rules now?

In a word? Safety. Outside journals are impossible for us to police. We cannot track IPs, view screened comments, or delete suspicious posts like we can on egl_comm_sales. We’ve been discussing making this change for a while now, and we’ve decided that it’s the best course of action to take.

I’ve been linking to my outside journal for years. This is really inconvenient for me!

We’re sorry about that. Like I said earlier, this is a major change in community policy and it will take a lot of getting used to. We’re going to try to make this as easy on you as we can. The egl_comm_sales mod team will be around to remind you of the new rules (just like we already do when it comes to LJ cuts, feedback, tags, and your location!), and we won’t be randomly deleting entries or banning people just because they forget and link to an outside journal. ♥

I do a lot of business on Ebay and/or Etsy (or a similar site). Does this mean I won’t be able to link to my auctions?

Not at all! Ebay and Etsy (and similar sites) are trusted organizations, and they’re self-policing. This rule only applies to outside sales journals.

What about replying to WTB posts? I usually include all the info in the comments, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that prefers linking to a sales journal for ease of having all the photos and measurements centralized in one spot instead of trying to keep track of items left over from several prior comm posts.

The mods discussed this in depth a few minutes ago, and we've decided that we're not going to allow it. We understand where you're coming from, but the truth is that it creates an uncomfortable double standard. It isn't fair if people making selling posts can't use a selling journal and those replying to WTBs can. HOWEVER. If there's a very good reason for it, or there's a lot of demand, we can relax this requirement. It's not set in stone!

If you have questions about the new policy, please feel free to ask them here. I will keep editing the FAQ if I see a question that I feel should be seen by the community as a whole without having to dig through comments.

The main rules post will be updated shortly to reflect these changes.

Cross posted on egl and egl_comm_sales. Additionally, I’ve included a link to this post in the community header for easy reference.
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